Single Subject Credential - Mathematics


Department of Mathematics

Single Subject Credential - Mathematics Requirements

The baccalaureate degree programs in mathematics serve as subject matter preparation program leading to the Single SubjectTeaching Credential in Mathematics.*

Students can apply to the credential program after completing 90 or more units as undergraduates. Once accepted, they canbegin to take credential courses simultaneously as they complete their undergraduate degree.

For more information, call AgnesTuska at 559.278.2512, Rajee Amarasinghe at 559.278.4136, or Lance Burger at 559.278.4906.

MATH 75 (or 75A and B), MATH 76, MATH 77, MATH 101, MATH 111, MATH 116, MATH 143, MATH 145, MATH 149, MATH 151, MATH 152, MATH 161, MATH 171, PHYS 4A, CSCI 40, MATH 81 or MATH 114 or MATH 128 or MATH 165 or MATH 172 or MATH 181**
Total (59-60 units)

See the description of the Single Subject Credential Program under Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Technology on this Web site.

* As teacher education programs are subject to state and system legislative control, it is recommended that students consultdepartment credential advisers for current program requirements.

** Math majors should take MATH 81 to fulfill the major requirement.


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