Education Specialist Mild to Moderate Support Needs - Internship Credential


Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education

Education Specialist Credential Requirements


  • Mild to Moderate Support Needs
  • Extensive Support Needs

Michael Mahoney, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 349

Program Description. The Education Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to teach students with mild/moderate or moderate/severe support needs (K-age 22) in public or private school programs, clinics, special schools, resource classrooms, educational programs, residential facilities, hospitals, and other agencies serving persons with special needs. This credential program prepares the teacher candidates through required coursework and clinical practice.

The Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential has two areas of specialization: Mild to Moderate Support Needs and Extensive Support Needs. These areas of professional emphasis distinguish the student population with which the candidate seeks to pursue a special education career.

Requirements for Initial Admission. Please see the admission requirements posted at 

Program Completion Requirements (University and State Credentialing)
Prerequisites to all programs (6 units)
EHD 50, SPED 120, and CI 100 or CI 149

Basic Program. Please see credential program roadmap/advising form at 

Requirements for the Preliminary Credential can change, and subject matter tests can be revised.

Time Restrictions. Courses required for preliminary credentials must be completed no more than 10 years prior to credential application.


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