Art, Minor


Department of Art, Design, and Art History

Art Minor Requirements

The Art Minor consists of a minimum of 21 units of which 9 must be upper division.
A maximum of six units of CR/NC grading will be accepted.

ARTH 10 and ARTH  11  (6 units)
ART 13 and ART 20  (6 units)
ARTH elective (upper division) (3 units)
ARTH or studio electives (upper division) (6 units)
Total (21 units)

Note: The Art Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.


The faculty of the department offer diverse, skilled, and professional approaches to art and design education. The methods of teaching reflect distinctive yet complementary ways and means of introducing their disciplines while guiding students through the program with a sense of dedication and commitment to the education of artists, designers, and scholars.

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