Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Steven Pao, Chair
Family and Food Sciences Building,
Room 111, M/S FF17

B.S. in Food Sciences - Culinology Option
B.S. in Food Sciences - Food Technology Option
B.S. in Human Nutritional Sciences
M.S. in Food and Nutritional Sciences
Certificate of Advanced Study in Dietetics
Certificate of Special Study in Dietetics
Minor in Food Sciences

Courses Offered

Join the leader in science, technology, and management. Students majoring within the Department of Food Science and Nutrition are prepared for a wide range of professions in the food industry — the largest single industry in the United States. California State University, Fresno is centered in the greatest food production and processing area in the world.

Some of the largest and best dairy and food companies cooperate with the university to provide students with a view of commercial realities in this industry. There is strong demand for dietitians and nutritionists by the health care and food­ service industries.

Instructional Facilities

The department facilities include the Dairy Processing Plant, Food Processing Research Laboratory, the Food Preparation and Product Develop­ment Laboratories, Food Science Analytical Laboratory, Food Sensory Laboratory, and the Computer Laboratory. These facilities are used by students and faculty to provide a practical education founded on science and technology.