Department of English

Melanie Hernandez, Chair
Peters Business Building, Room 382
FAX: 559.278.7143

B.A. in English - Creative Writing Option
B.A. in English - Literature Option
B.A. in English Studies
M.A. in English - Literature Option
M.A. in English - Rhetoric and Writing Studies Option
M.F.A. in Creative Writing
Minor in Creative Writing
Minor in English Literature
Minor in Literature of Diversity
Certificate of Advanced Study in Composition
Certificate of Special Study in Creative Writing
Credential in Single Subject - English

Courses Offered

English is a general major or minor designed to give proficiency in skills that traditionally have been among the most highly prized by society: an ability to read with comprehension and critical judgment; to communicate accurately and clearly both orally and in writing; to grasp difficult ideas and think logically; to do research and organize materials; to make ethical and moral judgments from an historical and humanistic framework; and to appreciate literature and the arts.

The core of the English major consists of four basic kinds of courses in the upper division: literary history courses, literary genre courses, literacy seminars, and writing courses. The masterpiece courses apply to the minor and may meet General Education requirements. The department also offers courses in mythology and folklore, methods of research, film, and women's studies.

The Subject Matter Program for teaching credential candidates contains a number of specific prerequisites and special required courses, some of which are outside the Department of English. For specific program requirements, consult with the credential adviser each semester.