Department of Computer Science

Todd Wilson, Chair
Science II Building, Room C255

BS in Computer Science, B.S.
MN in Computer Science, Minor
MS in Computer Science, M.S.

Courses Offered

Computer science is applied reasoning using both art and science: It requires the ability to communicate ideas through a combination of language and powerful technology. It is concerned with the interaction of humans and computers, as well as the application of computers to a myriad of specialized problems.

Program Description

The goal of the Department of Computer Science is to offer programs to a diverse audience: (1) students interested primarily in computing, (2) students interested primarily in applying computing to some other field of study, and (3) students who wish to include computing as part of their general education.


Students and faculty have access to a networked environment of UNIX workstations (Sun Microsystems and Linux systems) and microcomputer laboratories of PCs. These systems are connected to campus and international networks.