Aerospace Studies

Lt. Col. Kenneth N. Bourque, Chair
North Gym, Room 153
FAX: 559.278.5245

MN in Aerospace Studies, Minor

Courses Offered

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps ROTC Program is a college-based program open to men and women.

Air Force ROTC offers students that graduate from the program the opportunity to serve in a tremendously rewarding leadership position as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Non-scholarship students may participate in the program for one to two years without signing a contract with the Air Force. In either case, ROTC years of service will provide young men and women leadership and management experience that will serve them well as an Air Force officer or a civilian in the private sector.

Several routes for an Air Force commission are available to college students in Air Force ROTC. Entering students may enroll in the four-year program, while students with at least three years remaining in college may apply for a compressed option. For instance, students who enter the program with 3 or 3.5 years remaining to graduation can commission on time provided they accomplish program requirements. Contact the detachment faculty and staff for more information on these various options.

The Air Force ROTC education program provides professional preparation for future Air Force officers. It is designed to develop men and women who can apply their education to their initial active duty assignments as Air Force commissioned officers. In order to receive a commission, an Air Force ROTC cadet must complete all requirements for a degree in accordance with university guidelines as well as complete certain courses specified by the Air Force

Air Force ROTC courses are taken for academic credit as part of a student's electives. The last two years of the program must be completed at California State University, Fresno. The first two years of the program may be completed if a student is enrolled in one of the local junior colleges and plans to transfer to the university at the beginning of his or her junior year. In the Aerospace Studies program, ROTC books, supplies, and uniforms are furnished at no cost to the student.

Air Force ROTC scholarships are available to qualified applicants. Each scholarship provides full tuition, laboratory and incidental fees, and a $450 semester allowance for curriculum-required textbooks. In addition, scholarship cadets receive a nontaxable $300-$500 subsistence each month during the school year.

Other scholarship programs are available to fill critical Air Force requirements. Additional money through express programs is available. Contact the unit admissions officer for the latest information.