Ag Sci & Tech Interdiscip

AGRI 100H. JCAST Honors Seminar

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the JCAST Honors Program. Survey of critical issues and research in the interrelated fields of agriculture,food, and family. Emphasis on critical thinking and strategic problem solving. Lectures by faculty and agriculture leaders. Spring of junior year. S

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Spring

AGRI 101H. JCAST Honors Colloquium

Prerequisite: AGRI 100H. Refinement, completion, and presentation of Honors Thesis/Project.

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Spring

AGRI 160T. Topics in Agriculture

Prerequisites: Junior standing and permission of the instructor. Topics in Agriculture.

Units: 1-4, Repeatable up to 6 units

AGRI 220. Research Methodology and Communications

Critical literature review, quantitative and qualitative research design, scientific writing, questionnaire design and use, and presentation of research results. Ethical research issues examined. Approved for RP grading.

Units: 3

AGRI 298. Project

Prerequisite: See Criteria for Thesis and Project. Completion of an approved project appropriate to the candidate's area of specialization. A written report and a presentation to candidate's committee is required. Approved for RP grading.

Units: 2-4

AGRI 300. Integrating Agriculture Across the Curriculum

This course is designed to help public school teachers integrate agriculture into the academic classroom. Emphasis will be on makine science, math, language arts, social science, history and technology more exciting and meaningful for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students. Teachers will experience first hand a variety of agricultural resources available to them and learn how to locate, select and utilize agricultural topics to enhance the curriculum. Six additional hours of individual work is required beyond the instructional time, for preparing agricultural instructional materials.

Units: 2, Repeatable up to 6 units