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Campus Branding Guidelines

Postby madona » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:02 am

Revisions and important branding guidelines

Two important changes have been made to the Brand and Graphics Standards Manual, based on community feedback.

  1. The University Seal remains unchanged in design, but its approved uses have been restricted. In response to faculty concerns as voiced by the Academic Senate, the President has authorized additional acceptable uses for the Academic Seal. The President determined that stationery with the seal may be used for correspondence internationally and with academic societies and publishers, and for letters of reference. Read the President’s letter to the Senate here.

  2. A letterhead template for electronic and desktop printing has been created.
Here is a quick look at the changes and other important branding guidelines:

University seal:

Use of the formal university seal is restricted to the following:
  • The Office of the President
  • University-level formal and official documents such as diplomas, academic awards and certificates, transcripts, resolutions and Commencement invitations, university reports
  • Correspondence internationally, with academic societies, publishers and for reference letters. These uses may be on existing school/college/department letterhead until depleted or Dec. 31, 2012, at the latest, and then beginning Jan. 1, 2013, on universitywide letterhead without unit name. Contact Printing Services for universitywide letterhead so you can have it on hand as you need it.
  • The Integrated Marketing Communications Advisory Committee will review requests for exceptions.

Stationery with the new university logo can be ordered from Printing Services. The watermark of the university seal has been removed so that stationery from Printing Services or printed on desktop units will not be different.

Campus units may now use a new letterhead template to provide correspondence for electronic transmissions (email) and for printing from the user’s desktop or office printer. Customized templates for each campus unit are available from Printing Services upon request. The templates allow each campus unit to compose and print their own letters on their desktop or department printers in color, using standard copy paper. These templates also may be used as electronic (email) letterhead.

The letterhead templates have the new logo at the top and department personalization at the bottom. These fields are unalterable.

The watermark of the university seal has been removed so that stationery ordered from Printing Services or printed on desktop units will not be different.

Stationery with the university seal for uses allowed, as described above, is available from Printing Services.

Timeline for retiring old stationery:
If you wish, you may order new stationery and business cards from Printing Services immediately. If you have existing stock of the old stationery and would like to use your supply, you may continue to do so through Dec. 31, 2012. After that, it should be recycled. We are researching possible ways to re-use old paper and will report our findings.

Business cards currently in use may be used until your supply is exhausted. Then you may order cards with the logo (two designs available) from Printing Services.

Our name:
California State University, Fresno or Fresno State

Either is acceptable in all usages.

Don't use C.S.U.F, CSU Fresno, Cal State Fresno, Fresno State University or any other combination.

Our logo:
Use our new Fresno State logo for all new materials and other uses. Don't use any old university logos (sunburst, bronze medallion) and don't use any previous logos from campus entities.

Logos for each college/school/department/program/center will be developed by the Office of University Communications. To request a digital logo file for your entity, email

Pre-formatted university logos (full color, two-color, black-and-white and for various background colors) can be downloaded here.

For schools, colleges, departments, etc., guidelines call for the use of the main Fresno State logo with the schools, colleges, departments, etc. name beneath. If more than one entity is involved in sponsoring an event, the individual names are “stacked” beneath Fresno State.

You may not recreate a logo or letterhead design for your department, program, etc. For your logo and letterhead needs, email

An informative website with the full Brand and Graphics Standards Manual, FAQs, downloadable resources and more is found at

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