Improvements coming for wireless at Fresno State

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Improvements coming for wireless at Fresno State

Postby jimm » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:52 pm


As you may have read in The Collegian, Fresno State Technology Services is planning to make improvements to the wireless network service. On Wednesday, September 11, we will be adding a link to the "bulldog" wireless login page that will allow you to easily connect to the "fresnostate" wireless network. Once you have connected, your laptop, cell-phone and/or tablet should automatically connect when the "fresnostate" wireless network is available. You should not need to re-log in as you have in the past.

This new, cloud-based, service is provided by SecureW2. We're sending you this early message so there will be no confusion when you go to the site and see the new link, and you can be assured you are going to the legitimate Fresno State site at SecureW2. On Wednesday, we will send details on how to connect using the new system in addition to placing a link on the current "bulldogs" login page.

While our initial focus in making this change is to improve service for students who have been experiencing delays in connecting to the "bulldogs" wireless network, this improved service will also benefit faculty, staff and guests using wireless at Fresno State. All users of "bulldogs" wireless will be encouraged to use SecureW2 to connect to the new "fresnostate" network.

If you have questions or concerns about using this new service, please call the Fresno State Help Desk at 559.278.5000.

Thank you,
Jim Michael - Executive Director, Technology Services
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