Geography Presentation

Geography Presentation

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Department of Geography

Determining the Validity of the
‘Compass Effect’
on the Distribution of Median Household Income in U. S. Cities

by Harold J. Gallagher

Friday, September 7, 2012

2:00 pm

Science I Building, Room 176


• why certain areas of a city seem more “preferable” than others?
• why many wealthy residents seem to prefer one particular area of a city?
• whether other U.S. cities share the same economic characteristics?
• why the city you are most familiar with probably has one area better developed and seems “wealthier” than other areas of that city?
• whether there is a pattern to the distribution of household wealth within a city?
For answers to these and other intriguing questions about wealth distribution in U.S. cities, you must attend this interesting and informative presentation by Harold J. Gallagher.
Mr. Gallagher is currently a graduate student at California State University Fresno studying for a Master’s degree in English. He holds a B.A. degree in Mathematics and Physics, a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing, and an M.A. in Art (Sculpture). His avocation is aviation and his role as a Certified Flight Instructor led him into the Geography Department to study weather and its effects on flight characteristics and safety.

For more information contact the Geography Department at 278-2797.
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