Biology Colloquium - Dr. Vaughan Symonds

Biology Colloquium - Dr. Vaughan Symonds

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Dr. Vaughan Symonds
Senior Lecturer in Plant Molecular Genetics
Institute of Fundamental Sciences
Massey University, New Zealand

Friday, March 21, 2014
3:00 – 4:00 PM
Science 2, room 109

“The Triple-Double: the Plant Epidermal Cell Fate Pathway
as a Model for Evo-Devo”

An important aspect of plant development is epidermal patterning. The epidermis forms an elaborate skin that serves as the interface between the plant and the environment, regulating gas exchange, biotic defense, water and nutrient uptake, and more. The genetic pathway that underlies epidermal development is relatively well defined in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae). As such, we use this model system to examine (1) how such complex genetic pathways have evolved historically, (2) how modern molecular evolution of the pathway determines natural variation for morphological traits, and (3) to identify the factors that determine gene fate following duplication. The “triple-double” here refers to patterns of gene duplication, biallelic polymorphisms, and whole genome duplication, each of which we have found to play important roles in both the maintenance and diversity of this important developmental pathway.

For further information:

If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access, please contact Katie Williams at the Department of Biology at 278-2001 or e-mail (at least one week prior to event).
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