Biology Colloquium - Dr. Thihan Padukkavidana

Biology Colloquium - Dr. Thihan Padukkavidana

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[center]California State University, Fresno
Department of Biology

[blue]“Sorting out Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) and
Moving Bench Science into the Clinic”

Thihan Padukkavidana, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist
Department of Chemistry, Yale University
Co-founder, Career Network for Science PhDs at Yale (CNSPY)

Friday, November 22, 2013
Science 2, Room 109, 3:00 PM[/center]

The neurodegenerative disease FTD is considered a common cause of early-onset dementia, affecting approximately 250,000 Americans. Individuals with FTD have severe deterioration of the frontal and temporal lobes, which eventually results in a dramatic decrease in life expectancy. Work presented here highlights the discovery of the first neurologically relevant cell-surface receptor (sortilin) for a critical FTD-related protein, progranulin that plays a clear role in FTD. Moreover, this research identified the biological relevance of this interaction alluding to a possible therapeutic target for FTD treatment. Development of such therapeutics can be challenging in an academic setting, therefore, the presentation will also include translational research that can inspire new ventures and engender industry-academic interactions.

If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access, please contact Katie Williams at the Department of Biology at 278.2001 or e-mail (at least one week prior to event)
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