Biology Colloquium - Dr. Justin Costa

Biology Colloquium - Dr. Justin Costa

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California State University, Fresno
Department of Biology

“Analyzing Nucleic Acids with Protein Nanopores: Adventures in Planar Lipid Bilayers”

Justin Costa, MS. PhD.
Territory Manager, Pacific North West
Nexcelom Bioscience
Co-founder and CEO.
Hybrid Life, LLC

Friday, November 15
Science 2, Room 109 @ 3:00 PM

The translocation of nucleic acid polymers across cell membranes is a fundamental requirement for complex life and has greatly contributed to genomic molecular evolution. The diversity of pathways that have evolved to transport DNA and RNA across membranes include protein receptors, active and passive transporters, endocytic and pinocytic processes, and various types of nucleic acid conducting channels known as nanopores. We have developed a series of experimental techniques, collectively known as “Wicking”, that greatly improves the biophysical analysis of nucleic acid transport through nanopores in planar lipid bilayers. This lecture will present data on classical ion channels and nucleic acid conducting channels that we have studied at the single molecule level using the wicking technique.

If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access, please contact Katie Williams at the Department
of Biology at 278.2001, or e-mail (at least one week prior to event).
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