Media Clips 11.29.2012

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Media Clips 11.29.2012

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Fresno State vanishes on reworked list of 'most dangerous colleges'
(Fresno Bee © 11/29/2012)
Fresno State fell off a business news website's list of "America's Most Dangerous Colleges" after the site applied a different version of crime data. ... orked.html

A dedicated family
(Fresno Bee © 11/29/2012)
I served with him on the Board of Directors of the Fresno Free College Foundation from 1970 through 1979, a non-profit corporation, which showed another side of Al Villa. The Foundation is committed to the promotion of Academic Freedom and Academic Due Process in Higher Education, and Fresno State in particular. In addition, one of the missions of the Foundation is the enhancement of the intellectual and artistic life of the community that it serves. ... amily.html

Is Fresno State A Dangerous Campus?
(KMPH Fox 26 Fresno © 11/29/2012)
s Fresno State one of the most dangerous college campuses in the country? That's what some say, but the school claims the numbers are exaggerated. Business Insider listed the campus as number 19 on the 25 most dangerous campuses. FBI numbers show there were 17 violent crimes committed on campus and more than 500 property crimes. ... ous-campus

RIVERSIDE: Business Insider stands by UCR campus crime report
(Riverside Press Enterprise © 11/29/2012)
The Business Insider website, which caught flak for its “America’s Most Dangerous Colleges” top 25 list that included UC Riverside and UCLA, has declared it will stand by that list and offered a second tally from a different source in an effort to bolster its claim. ... report.ece

Better graduation rate will shrink college costs
(The Jamestown Sun © 11/29/2012)
At California State University-Fresno, where the graduation rate also is 12 points better than expected, “department chairs reach out to every student between their second and third years to act as a point of contact and to provide support.” And so on.
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