Media Clips 11.09.2012

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Media Clips 11.09.2012

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

CSU considers new fees to discourage 'super seniors'
(Fresno Bee © 11/09/2012)
Would California college students work harder to pass a class the first time they take it if they had to pay an extra fee to repeat it? Would "super seniors" hurry up and graduate if they had to pay a penalty for sticking around? ... rylink=cpy

The Maddy Report: Congressional Delegation
(Visalia Times-Delta © 11/09/2012)
This week on “The Maddy Report”: “California’s Congressional Delegation: A View from Washington.” Guest Mike Doyle, national correspondent covering the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court for McClatchy Newspapers, discusses California’s congressional delegation with Maddy Institute Executive Director Mark Keppler. ... rontpage|s

Real estate log: Construction begins on Campus Pointe retail portion

(Fresno Bee © 11/08/2012)
The multi-use development is on the southeast corner of the Fresno State campus and includes two apartment complexes that were built in 2010, north of the planned retail center. ... egins.html

Lunafest shines light on female filmmakers
(Fresno Bee © 11/08/2012)
Tickets are available at or the Center for Women and Culture in the Thomas Building at Fresno State. Proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Fund and Fresno State's Women's Resource Center. For more information, go to or call the Women's Resource Center at (559) 278-4435. ... emale.html

'Sty of the Blind Pig' a slow, challenging drama
(Fresno Bee © 11/08/2012)
Immersive and challenging are two words I'd use to describe Fresno State's production of "Sty of the Blind Pig." Leisurely is another that might be charitably used when discussing Phillip Hayes Dean's early 1970s play, which digs deeply into the lives of a poor black family in 1950s Chicago unaware that history is on the cusp of the civil rights movement. A less charitable way to put it would be slow-paced. ... nging.html

Ag, business news
(Hanford Sentinel © 11/08/2012)
The 7th Annual Central Valley Venture Forum, a partnership of California State University, Fresno and the Central Valley Fund, will be held at College of Sequoias on Tuesday. ... f887a.html

Jerry Brown's big tax increase spares school cuts
(Los Angeles Times © 11/08/2012)
California's community college system will restore thousands of classes, somewhat easing a huge backlog of students unable to complete their degrees. Cal State students can look forward to modest tuition refunds. And annual tuition increases at the University of California are on hold for now. ... -cuts.html

As CSU campus budgets drop, university presidents' pay under fire
(Torrance Daily Breeze © 11/08/2012)
Annual tuition at the nation's largest university system is now $5,970, in addition to $1,047 in campus fees. Cal State University students could see an additional 5 percent tuition hike this spring if voters fail to pass Gov. Jerry Brown's November tax initiative. ... ts-get-big
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