Media Clips 10.27-29.2012

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Media Clips 10.27-29.2012

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Boswell grant and Booth gift boost Ag Leadership endowment campaign
(Western Farm Press © 10/29/2012)
The Ag Leadership Program is the longest continuously operating leadership training experience of its kind in the United States and is considered to be the world’s premier agricultural leadership program. The 16-month program is offered with four California partner universities – Cal Poly Pomona; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; California State University, Fresno; and UC Davis – at nominal cost to the participants. With nearly 1,200 graduates since the program began in 1970, Ag Leadership alumni are influential leaders and active volunteers in agriculture, government, communities, business and education. ... t-campaign

Too many vice presidents
(Fresno Bee © 10/28/2012)
In the 1960s, there were two vice presidents at Fresno State -- academic and administrative -- and they were able to handle the job for decades. Now there are 17. ... dents.html

Victor Davis Hanson: California, here we stay
(Orange County Register © 10/28/2012)
Another draw to California is its culture. The California way, casual, even flaky, can sometimes become crass and self-indulgent; for evidence of that, just visit Venice Beach or Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue. But at its best, California still creates a '49er bustle of self-invention that makes little allowance for class, titles, or hierarchy. As someone who established a classics program with mostly minority students at [State Fresno], I can attest that real talent is often found unfettered by hierarchy. ... ystem.html

Business briefs: Valley Business Bank's parent boosts profits
(Fresno Bee © 10/27/2012)
The Fresno State Foundation has launched a new company to support and invest in private start-up companies in the central San Joaquin Valley. ... iness.html

CSU Board of Trustees talks new fees
(The Collegian © 10/27/2012)
Changes to degree requirements and the implementation of new fees are being considered by the California State University Board of Trustees, and many students could end up paying the price if they don’t prepare. ... -new-fees/

Former executioners share their misgivings about death penalty
(Los Angeles Times (Sports) © 10/27/2012)
McAndrew, speaking in an interview Friday before an appearance at [State Fresno], said being an executioner caused him psychological problems. He said he finally sought help after seeing the dead men he executed sitting on the side of his bed at night. ... 9511.story

Don't let cynics fool you

(Fresno Bee © 10/27/2012)
The budget approved earlier this year requires that $6 billion in cuts be imposed if Prop. 30 fails. The biggest cuts, $5.4 billion, would fall on public schools, forcing some local officials to shorten the school year by weeks. Public universities, including Fresno State, would endure another $500 million in cuts, and be forced to raise tuition again. ... ynics.html

YOUR VIEWS: Supports Otto Lee
(Fresno Bee © 10/29/2012)
Written by Associate Students Inc. VP for external affairs. ... k=misearch
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