Media Clips 9.19.2012

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Media Clips 9.19.2012

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Housing symposium set for Fresno
(Central Valley Business Times © 09/19/2012)
Those in the real estate industry in Fresno will get to examine that at a half-day symposium scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 4, from 8 a.m. to Noon at the California State University, Fresno, University Business Center. Sponsored by the Urban Land Institute and the Fresno State Craig School of Business, the meeting will offer an overview and analysis of the Fresno housing market from economists who have researched the regional housing market.

Valley briefs: Caltrans will activate connector meters
(Fresno Bee © 09/19/2012)
Fresno State made the top 10 in a list of public regional universities in the western United States, according to U.S. News and World Reports. In an annual report assessing public and private universities throughout the country, Fresno State placed ninth among public regional universities in its region. Fresno State was also fifth in the region in keeping student loan debt down.

Vina de Oro Film Festival comes to Fresno
(KFSN ABC 30 Fresno © 09/19/2012)
Arau will also attend a screening of "Like Water for Chocolate" at Fresno State Wednesday. The rest of the week's activities include more screenings, workshops, and a visit by United Farmworkers co-founder Delores Huerta.

Valley illustrator at Arts Center
(Kingsburg Recorder © 09/19/2012)
Hansen remains excited about illustration and shares this knowledge with his Fresno State students. “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have returned to my alma mater and be teaching illustration at Fresno State,” he said. “Of course as I teach illustration, I learn about illustration too. I’ve had the opportunity to think a lot about just what illustration is, and what it can do.”

CSU tuition to rise 5% if Prop. 30 fails
(Orange County Register © 09/19/2012)
Tuition for California State University students will increase by 5 percent if voters reject Proposition 30, under a contingency plan approved Tuesday. If Gov. Brown's tax initiative passes in November, the system will instead cut tuition by 9 percent.

California State University campuses to raise tuition if Proposition 30 fails
(Vacaville Reporter © 09/19/2012)
"It's penalizing a lot of student for something that's not necessary their fault," said David C. Allison, president of the California State Student Association. "The CSU administration, faculty and students have all been put in a very tough position due to the lack of state support for the CSU."

Not your grandfather’s cotton patches
(Western Farm Press © 09/19/2012)
To begin with, the center pivot will irrigate an 8-acre half-circle of alfalfa and an 8-acre half-circle of cotton. All aspects of production — including irrigation system performance, weed control, fertilization, soil salinity and economic viability — will be monitored by a diverse team of researchers from UC Cooperative Extension, Fresno State University and UC Davis, plus farmer cooperators and industry members.

Sold-out Central California Women's Conference celebrates 25th year
(Fresno Bee © 09/18/2012)
The people behind the conference are still working to achieve founder and late Republican lawmaker Ken Maddy's goal of women having the same opportunities as men, said Jan Edwards, [Fresno State professor] the conference's director of development and marketing.

CSU Tuition hike hinges on Prop 30
(Turlock Journal © 09/18/2012)
California State University Trustees will consider adopting a triggered, mid-year tuition increase this week, in response to a potential $250 million “trigger” budget cut to the CSU should Proposition 30 fail in November. The tuition hike – in addition to other budget savings measure – are unavoidable should voters turn down Prop 30, according to CSU Chancellor Charles Reed.

Prop. 30 leaks into school messages
(Fresno Bee- 09/18/2012)
In the same vein, the California State University System has drafted letters for applicants for admission saying, "Because enrollment capacity is tied to the amount of available state funding, the campuses will be able to admit more applicants if Prop 30 passes and fewer applicants if the proposition fails."

CSU OKs plan to raise tuition if tax measure fails
(Fresno Bee - 9/19/2012)
A California State University panel approved a plan Tuesday to raise tuition by 5 percent early next year if voters reject Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative and trigger a $250 million funding cut to the 23-campus system.

Top Dog Ad
(Fresno Bee - 9/19/2012)
PDF of the ad.
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