Media Clips 7.19-7.24.2017

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Media Clips 7.19-7.24.2017

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

California farm region plagued by dirty air looks to Trump
(Humboldt Beacon © 07/24/2017)
The pollution is strongly linked to increased emergency room visits for asthma, especially in children, according to a 2011 California State University, Fresno study funded by the valley air district. ... s-to-trump

Coaches' Corner: Chad Spencer talks all things golf
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 07/24/2017)
Fresno State men's golf coach Chad Spencer joins the Bulldog Insider to talk about The Open Championship, the upcoming U.S. Amateur in which Fresno State's Alex Lee will be competing and the "Big 3." ... /772811111

Why are birth rates higher for Latina teens than others? It's complicated, experts say
(Fresno Bee © 07/23/2017)
Larissa Mercado-López, a women’s studies professor at Fresno State who focuses on Latina issues, warned it’s important not to generalize Latino culture, but said cultural ideas and norms can be factors in teen pregnancy rates and the teaching of sex education. ... rylink=rss

Brawn in an Age of Brains
( © 07/21/2017)
I learned more from teaching students at California State University, Fresno, than from my students at Stanford—not because they knew Greek and Latin better (most did not) or because they were more ethical (again, not necessarily true) but because they often worked 20 hours or more per week at minimum-wage jobs and thus had a far wider range of experience with (and empathy for) characters and events found in Aristophanes, Euripides, and Hesiod in the premodern world of the Greeks. ... vis-hanson

5 Things To Do Today, Wednesday, July 19 | Animation lecture, beer run and comedy
(Fresno Bee © 07/19/2017)
The animation lecture features speakers Rex Gringon, Jason Schleifer, Scott LaFleur and Jennifer Dahlman. Fresno State, John Wright Theatre, 5201 N. Maple Ave., Fresno, ... 68803.html

One Bulldog receiver is among the nation's best. And he's not the only one to watch
(The Fresno Bee © 07/19/2017)
That one is from Fresno State, one of the NCAA’s more offensively challenged teams a year ago, should be no surprise. ... 95808.html

Fresno Fuego heads to PDL playoffs without division title
(Vida en el Valle © 07/18/2017)
“Obviously the ball fell just right for the right guy. He made a great shot. We have to give him credit for that, but we were disappointed to concede the corner in the first place,” said Brian Zwaschka, who is also the Fresno State women's soccer coach. ... 52448.html

Fresno State Retains The Crown Through Week 4, Bellarmine Makes Top 10 Debut
(Forbes © 07/14/2017)
For the cherry on top, Fresno State has withheld the #MyTopCollege throne for the third straight week, with Cal State Fullerton knocking on the door, narrowly behind in the number two spot after submitting the most posts in a single week thus far. ... a54aca40f1
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