Media Clips 5.27-30.2017

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Media Clips 5.27-30.2017

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Some California nut trees reveal heavy early crop loads
(Western Farm Press © 05/30/2017)
Some, certainly not all, tree nut orchards in California's San Joaquin Valley are showing early signs of a heavy crop load this spring. Farm managers at Fresno State seem pleased with the early nut set and cluster size in their pistachio block on campus. ... crop-loads

Weed, water, guns, and Gianforte's lame apology. Time to take a walk
(Sacramento Bee © 05/29/2017)
Fresno Bee : Fresno State graduated a record 5,648 students this month – a 23 percent increase since 2013. And while the graduation rates for four years (15.5 percent), five years (41.7 percent) and six years (56.5 percent) aren’t where university President Joseph Castro wants them to be, all are heading up. The university’s goal is to have a 70 percent six-year graduation rate by 2025.

Baler grad earns President's Medal at Fresno State
(Benito Link © 05/29/2017)
San Benito High School graduate Alexandra Gallo was awarded the President's Medal at the 2017 California State University, Fresno commencement on May 20 at the Save Mart Center. ... esno-state

It may be the oldest orange grove in the San Joaquin Valley and the fruit tastes good
(Fresno Bee © 05/27/2017)
Gurreet Brar, assistant professor of pomology at California State University, Fresno, said there are individual orange trees in California that are older. For instance, the oldest orange tree in the state is in Oroville and was planted in 1856. ... 45004.html

Thumbs up, thumbs down - Dr. Juan Bautista: Candance Egan's Fall Multimedia: Shirley Melikian Armbruster
(Fresno Bee © 05/27/2017)
Thumbs up to Dr. Juan Bautista, a former Fresno State walk-on, for helping the post-football careers of his more famous ex-teammates take off running...Thumbs up to Fresno State Professor Candace Egan’s fall multimedia class for its award-winning studio production of the children's Christmas opera, "Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena."..Thumbs up to Shirley Melikian Armbruster, associate vice president for University Communications at Fresno State, for receiving the 2017 Jim Tucker Media Service Award presented by the Department of Media, Communications and Journalism for her journalistic and communications accomplishments. ... 84069.html

Tracing The Origins Of Popping, The Dance Craze Born In Fresno
( © 05/27/2017)
A new oral history project at California's Fresno State is documenting the roots of the hip-hop dance craze known as popping. ... esno-state

Fresno State Trademark Licensing Program wins award
(The Business Journal© 05/26/2017)
An international association has found Fresno State on the mark for initiatives conducted by its Trademark Licensing Program, which manages the use of the university’s trademarks on products and merchandise. ... wins-award

After Foster conviction, Fresno police chief asks public to keep faith in his officers
(Fresno Bee © 05/27/2017)
Other agencies, such as the California State University system, which includes Fresno State, require stringent background checks not only for new hires "temporary, probationary, intermittent, and at-will employees" but for existing employees who are promoted or transferred to "sensitive positions" such as jobs that handle cash, student records, financial data, health care information and child care. Employees of federal courthouses are subject to background checks by the FBI and Credit Bureau. ... 23794.html

Thief who stole assistant sheriff's guns was promised no prison sentence. Judge sends him there anyways
(Fresno Bee © 05/27/2017)
In August last year, Fresno State police arrested Johnson for possession of "brass knuckles". Johnson pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge in October and was sentenced to two years of probation, court records say. I am very concerned. My gun is on the streets, and if something happens with it, I will hold this young man personally responsible. ... 31254.html

Americans see nation's morality as worse, but history shows otherwise
(Fresno Bee © 05/27/2017)
So once you are through rolling your eyes at the decline of civility and our moral failings, roll up your sleeves and get to work. This world is only as good as we make it. Andrew Fiala is a professor of philosophy and director of The Ethics Center at Fresno State: @PhilosophyFiala ... 51389.html

Project Rebound Helps Former Inmates Adjust to College Life
(New Hampshire Public Radio © 05/30/2017)
The first four scholars from Fresno state's Project Rebound graduated this month with their fellow students in the Class of 2017. Project Rebound helps former inmates adjust to college life. The program director Jennifer Leahy and a new graduate, Arnold Trevino, join us now from the studios of Valley Public Radio in Clovis, Calif. Thank you both very much for being with us. ... e#stream/0
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