Media Clips 5.19.2017

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Media Clips 5.19.2017

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

UC Extension soon to be short of row, field crop entomologists
(Western Farm Press © 05/19/2017)
As an example of reaching out beyond his borders for assistance, Isom recently began working with Texas A&M University on air quality studies simply because he needed the work done and they were willing to help. He will also partner with [Fresno State] on studies related to Fusarium in cotton. ... omologists

California State University gives $300,000 to left-wing campus groups, but zero to pro-life group
(WinteryKnight © 05/19/2017)
In April, the Fresno State Students for Life received permission to chalk positive, life-affirming messages on the sidewalks leading to the university’s library. As its members finished chalking these messages on the morning of May 2, Gregory Thatcher, a public health professor, confronted them and falsely alleged they could not chalk messages near the library, and could only express themselves in the so-called “free speech area.” (The university eliminated this speech zone in June 2015.) ... ife-group/

It’s Okay To Incite Violence, If It’s Against People Who Don’t Agree With You: The Shimshock Show Ep. 4
(Daily Caller © 05/19/2017)
California State University, Fresno professor Lars Maischak and UC Berkeley student Juan Prieto incited violence. Maischak took paid leave and UC Berkeley took no action against Prieto, but they were on the right side of history and, as we all know, the end justifies the means. ... show-ep-4/

California State University Professor Sued After Allegedly Leading Students Out Of Class To Wipe Out Pro-Life Messages On Campus
(Jonathan Turley© 05/19/2017)
The most recent incident occurred at the California State University where assistant professor of public health professor Greg Thatcher is shown on a videotape wiping out the pro-life statements written in chalk by members of Fresno State Students for Life. ... on-campus/

U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera to Speak at Santa Clara University Undergraduate Commencement June 17
(© 05/19/2017)
He has taught at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop and served as chair of the Chicano and Latin American Studies Department at [Fresno State]. He recently retired from the Creative Writing Department at UC Riverside, and lives in Fresno, California with his partner, the poet and performance artist, Margarita Robles. ... june-17-2/

California growers, researchers preparing for next drought
(Capital Press © 05/19/2017)
On May 12, university officials dedicated a 36-acre almond orchard block on the Fresno State campus to test an automated drip irrigation system. It will independently study three different soil types to determine each’s specific needs, according to a news release. ... xt-drought

New Yorkers wait in line three hours for this ice cream. Now it’s coming to Fresno
(Fresno Bee © 05/19/2017)
Two metal slabs on the cart are cooled to -32 degrees Celsius (about -25 Fahrenheit). The process starts with a liquid cream base developed with the help of Fresno State’s dairy department that has no emulsifiers or stabilizers. The base is poured on the slab and worked with spatulas as ingredients are folded in like fresh strawberries from a local farm, caramel sauce and strawberry syrup. ... 07727.html

From FUSD to a Medical Degree
(GV Wire © 05/18/2017)
From my six years of sitting on the CSU Board of Trustees I haven't seen a program as unique and creative, innovative as this program, and so well do everything we can to make sure the graduates articulate, work with the Health Science University and work with [Fresno State] so we have a comprehensive plan, Torlakson said. ... al-degree/
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