Media Clips 5.8.2017

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Media Clips 5.8.2017

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Before taking stage Sunday, comedian Daniel Tosh has message for Fresno
(Clovis Independent © 05/08/2017)
Comedian Daniel Tosh might only be in town for a brief period leading into his show Sunday. But he already has something funny to say about Fresno. Hours before his performance at the Save Mart Center, Tosh tweeted a photo of the Fresno State facility to show the size and the emptiness of the Save Mart Center parking lots. ... 91259.html

Fresno State in line to receive seven-figure donation

(Fresno Bee © 05/08/2017)
Fresno State will receive a $1 million donation at some point down the road, with longtime successful South Valley businessman Manuel Mancebo Jr. bequeathing the seven-figure amount in his will for the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, the universityâ€(tm)s agriculture school. Thank you to Manuel "JR" Mancebo of Tulare for his transformational $1 Million bequest to support the @FSJordanCollege Dairy! #BeBold. ... 15699.html

Sierra Madre Community Picnic promotes togetherness
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 05/08/2017)
The annual event brings the community around Fresno State together each year, to help the area overcome some of its issues, according to organizers. (Video) ... /709139918

1 in 5 say access to clean drinking water is a problem
(Porterville Recorder © 05/08/2017)
According to a new survey of San Joaquin Valley residents conducted by the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy at Fresno State, 1 in 5 adults, or 20 percent, said that access to clean drinking water is a problem. The survey was conducted in late March just before Gov. Jerry Brown declared the emergency drought status for the state was over, but left the order in place for Fresno, Kings and Tulare counties. ... 9b6d0.html

One visit to Firebaugh. That's all we ask, Gov. Brown
(Fresno Bee © 05/07/2017)
We understand that Firebaugh is rural and its population is small. And that campuses in big cities like San Francisco and Long Beach have real needs, too. But students in coastal California have many options for higher education. Students in these west-side towns, if not getting their education in Firebaugh, must travel about 50 miles one way to attend Fresno City College or Fresno State. The North District Center is their lifeline â€" and their launching pad â€" to a better life. ... 62674.html

California's GOP Congressmen Could Pay Politically For ACA Repeal Vote
(California Healthline © 05/06/2017)
The Obamacare repeal votes by Valadao and by Jeff Denham, a Republican whose Central Valley district picked Clinton by 3 percentage points in November, may not have been savvy political moves, said John Capitman, executive director at the Central Valley Health Policy Institute at California State University-Fresno. ... peal-vote/

A Journal Article Provoked a Schism in Philosophy. Now the Rifts Are Deepening.
(Chronicle of Higher Education © 05/06/2017)
Tina Fernandes Botts, an assistant professor of philosophy at California State University at Fresno, first read Ms. Tuvel’s paper before the January meeting of the American Philosophical Association’s Eastern Division, where Ms. Tuvel presented her work. Ms. Botts found the work to be "out of step" with research in critical philosophy of race and the black experience. ... _hp_latest

Thumbs up, thumbs down

(Fresno Bee © 05/06/2017)
Thumbs up to the family of Anthony Marquez and Fresno State for establishing the Anthony Marquez Memorial Journalism Award, an annual scholarship for managing editors of the university newspaper. Marquez served as Los Angeles bureau chief for The Associated Press. He died Feb. 9 because of complications from cancer. He was 55. ... 45114.html

Breaking news! #Moses drops #TenCommandments in May surprise
(Fresno Bee © 05/06/2017)
"He would have tweeted the Ten Commandments, thus naming them the Ten Tweets instead, and posted them on his Facebook page, with a certain number of Like reactions to each of them" by Sasan RahmatianSasan Rahmatian is professor of information systems at Fresno State. Connect with him at ... 74949.html

Editorial on teacher tenure deserves an "F"
(Fresno Bee © 05/06/2017)
In 1968, 17 years after Mr. Barth wrote the book, Fresno State experienced a violation of a professorâ€(tm)s academic freedom by forces on and off the campus. Those who knew the value of tenure and academic freedom reacted by creating the Fresno Free College Foundation to support and defend these important principles. It will celebrate its 50th year in 2018. ... 17589.html

Some GOP Congressmen Could Pay Politically For ACA Repeal Vote
(Kaiser Health News © 05/06/2017)
James McLelland was born with a rare form of dwarfism and spent his first nine months in the hospital connected to tubes, machines and monitors. About seven months before his birth in 2011, a provision of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) kicked in, prohibiting insurers from imposing lifetime limits on health coverage. ... peal-vote/

Fresno State Chancellor issues tobacco ban that will start in the fall

(KFSN ABC 30 Fresno © 05/06/2017)
Smoking at Fresno State will no longer be allowed-- it's the big headline on campus this week after Chancellor Timothy White issued an executive order to ban all smoke and tobacco products at every campus in the California State University system. "This now creates the environment that all students, regardless is they smoke or not, have access to a healthy environment they can study and grow in," said Vickie Krenz, Fresno State professor. ... l/1959477/

Preserving the Legacy of Fresno's Hmong B-Boys
(KQED Public Radio - San Francisco © 05/06/2017)
Documentary filmmaker Christopher Woon-Chen started in the Central Valley and found the stories so interesting that he made a 2011 documentary called “Among B-Boys.” And, he says, the answer to his question about Asian-Americans being a part of hip-hop was an unequivocal yes . Historians Romeo Guzman and Sean Slusser at Fresno State agree. They’re currently working alongside graduate students to collect oral histories from Fresno’s Hmong b-boys and b-girls. ... ng-b-boys/

CSU system bans tobacco on campus
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 05/06/2017)
Bulldog born, Bulldog bred and tobacco free as of September 1st, when a new CSU executive order changes Fresno State campus policy. And its not just on campus, its also on campus-owned properties, like the Save Mart Center,and at Bulldog Stadium, raising questions about how the ban will be monitored at huge events like football games and concerts. Travis Childressis a Fresno State student who smokes, depending on the day. Childress says smokers, will smoke. ... /708088633

Valley economic index points to expansionary economy
(Porterville Recorder © 05/05/2017)
The San Joaquin Valley Business Conditions Index declined slightly in April to 60.2 from March’s record-high 61.2, but remains in a range that indicates an expansionary economy over the course of the next three to six months. “After moving to a record-high for March, the overall index for April fell to a still-robust reading,” said Ernie Goss, research faculty with the Craig School of Business at Fresno State. ... 824e5.html

Gina Rodriguez To Expand Movement Mondays In A Major Way, Details New 'Carmen Sandiego' Series
( © 05/05/2017)
We are a country of immigrants, dude. Nobody was from here. The only people that were from here, are the people we’re trying to kick out, which is obnoxious. It’s the craziest, most backward concept I’ve ever heard of, and it is all fear based. It’s all fear based. I was actually just in Fresno state, and there were a lot of undocumented students, and they asked me—some of them had already joined DACA and whatnot, they were like so, what advice can you give me?
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