Media Clips 2.16.2017

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Media Clips 2.16.2017

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Fresno Unified board votes to keep Bob Nelson on as interim superintendent

(Fresno Bee © 02/16/2017)
Nelson, who has worked for Fresno Unified for more than 20 years and previously served as superintendent of Chawanakee Unified in Madera County, said he was shocked by Wednesdayâ€(tm)s decision. He said he would not rule out throwing his hat into the ring for the permanent position, but added he already has a busy schedule, pointing to his seven children, the pursuit of his doctorate degree at the University of Southern California and teaching class once a week at Fresno State. ... 30799.html

Conservative group to Valadao: Repeal, replace Obamacare
(Hanford Sentinel © 02/16/2017)
That's a big issue in districts like Valadao's with a lot of lower-income people who got covered through the expansion of Medi-Cal under the ACA, according to Jeff Cummins, a political science professor at California State University, Fresno. "It seems like the districts [these ads] are targeting are going to be the ones where these groups think [a full-blown ACA repeal] is going to be a hard sell," Cummins said. ... 91287.html

It’s Time for the Central Valley to Grow Up

(Zocalo Public Square © 02/16/2017)
Castro said that 70 percent of Cal State Fresno students are first-generation to college, and 60 percent receive Pell grants. The vast majority of students rely heavily on public transit, namely buses. Several panelists were raised in the Central Valley, or have lived there for decades, so they were personally familiar with the complexities of its rapidly changing character. Moderator Morain introduced the topic of the region’s mass transportation shortfall and the desirability of high-speed rail by asking how many panelists had driven by car to the gathering. Everyone, as it turned out. ... -takeaway/

Young farmers look to future at World Ag Expo
(KGET © 02/15/2017)
Fresno State will feature an ice cream chat with a dean on Thursday morning. Bakersfield colleges and universities pitched students on their diverse curriculums. Andrew Ozuna, a student and ambassador of Bakersfield College said those who attended their booth got a lot out of their time with representatives. "It's been fun, we've got a lot of questions a lot of students coming and asking about different programs," he said. Outreach Assistant of CSU. ... /657198640

COS fights hunger on campus
(Visalia Times-Delta © 02/15/2017)
Fresno State has also taken steps to address student food insecurity. The university offers a Student Cupboards for students to refill their own pantries. Students in need can go to the center and pick up food and hygiene products for their household. Students are allowed to shop for one bag of groceries per day, and can choose from a variety of perishable and nonperishable food items. Once a month, the pantry provides full hygiene packs for students. ... /97916606/

Sanctuary definition continues to trip up officials
(Vida en el Valle © 02/14/2017)
“As mayor of our city, I would never trade away peoples’ civil rights for money,” said Steinberg following President Donald J. Trump’s warning that he will cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities. Recently, Fresno State president Joseph I. Castro explained that the university of about 24,000 students will “value diversity of thought and are committed to fostering an inclusive climate where everyone and every voice matters.” ... 72269.html
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