Media Clips 11.29.2016

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Media Clips 11.29.2016

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

A 'brilliant poet' and student, she had a bright future until it was tragically cut short
(Fresno Bee © 11/29/2016)
A graduate student at Fresno State who was making her mark as a poet and advocate for social justice will be laid to rest Tuesday in her hometown of Porterville. ... 10683.html

The GENII project encourages student journalists from six countries to collaborate on stories
( © 11/29/2016)
"We really enjoyed working with each other," said Faith Sidlow, assistant professor, Fresno State, who took part in the Global News Relay before GENII. "I liked the outcome and that the students had an opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and also to step outside of their tiny little Fresno State or California circles and see what was happening in the rest of the world." ... 2/a694832/

Run, Hide, Fight: Prepared for an attack - Story | KSEE and KGPE
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 11/29/2016)
At Ohio State University Monday an attacker with a car and a knife sent students to the hospital before he was shot and killed by police. A year ago a similar incident happened at UC Merced. Some students at Fresno State are uneasy feeling unprepared and vulnerable, but a program is being offered to prepare them for the worst. ... -an-attack

Getting it on with your Phenolics: How to Optimize their Use and Make Better Wine (Part One)
( © 11/29/2016)
At a session on managing phenolics at the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS) in Brighton earlier this year, Professor James Kennedy of California State University at Fresno, pointed out that phenolics are essential in wine because of their impact on “the visual, aromatic, and tactile properties of wine.” The color of a red wine and the stability of that color, for instance, is entirely due to how phenolics come together during vinification, in particular as anthocyanins combine with tannins—or not. Texture and length on the palate is also largely due to phenolic components—in particular, the quantity of tannins present, as well as the length of their molecular chains. ... -part-one/

Armenian genocide has long been largely hidden. Now, California schools might change that
(Fresno Bee © 11/28/2016)
The Armenian genocide has been ignored in history textbooks,"said Barlow Der Mugrdechian, director of Fresno State's Center for Armenian Studies. “I know several local teachers who have already been providing materials on it, but it's absolutely essential for all teachers. It brings to light an example of how government can choose to go down a path toward genocide and what conditions allow that to happen." ... 52958.html

I'll now donate teddies to Fresno State day care
(Fresno Bee © 11/28/2016)
As a Fresno State alumni, it is apparent that it is time to change the way I support my alma mater. The university is now offering grief counseling to students who are not happy with the results of the recent election. That is more proof that we are not preparing our young adults for the reality of life. ... 92003.html

Planned Clovis medical school deserves Valley's support
(Fresno Bee © 11/27/2016)
Not content to wait for dreams of a medical school at UC Merced, which was approved in concept by UC regents in 2008 but appears many years away, or at Fresno State, a much bigger long shot, the Assemis announced plans for a private, for-profit college of osteopathic medicine at California Health Sciences University in Clovis on Tuesday. ... 20323.html

Education Buzz for Sunday, Nov. 27
(Fresno Bee © 11/27/2016)
The Fresno State Plant Science Club received the President's Trophy for the Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences national club speech contest at the Tri-Societies national conference in Phoenix. ... 82038.html

Grieving mother lost son to distracted driving
(Fresno Bee © 11/25/2016)
We have some students from Fresno State who are putting an app together to help with preventing car crashes. There are so many parents I have met who have lost their children to this deadly epidemic. ... 69628.html

Thumbs up, thumbs down
(Fresno Bee © 11/25/2016)
Fresno State's Humanics Program is credited for its help, along with support from Fresno State's Masters in Public Health Cohort 20. ... 02563.html

Police are looking for a suspect linked to four sexual assaults near Fresno State
(Fresno Bee © 11/24/2016)
The department is working with Fresno State police, Clovis police and the Fresno County Sheriff's Office to identify and apprehend this suspect. ... 44118.html

Remembering Mia Barraza Martinez, 29, whose poetry will live on
(Fresno Bee © 11/24/2016)
Already an accomplished poet, Ms. Barraza Martinez was enrolled in Fresno State's MFA creative writing program. She also taught poetry classes and worked as a graduate assistant in the Laureate Lab Visual Wordlist Studio with U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. ... 43883.html

Rescuing a cat, winning the lottery and a new Disney princess – your Morning Scoop
(Fresno Bee © 11/24/2016)
Mireyda Barraza Martinez, a much-loved and well-respected Fresno State grad student, teaching associate and poet, lost her life over the weekend. ... 55403.html

Fiala's logic is solely lacking in today's political circus
(Fresno Bee © 11/24/2016)
There seem to be a lot of letters attacking Fresno State Professor Andrew Fiala for views he expresses in his Nov. 12 Fresno Bee ethics column. warning of Donald Trumpâ€(tm)s resemblance to Machiavelli. ... 45538.html

Police on the hunt for serial groper near Fresno State they fear may become more aggressive
(KFSN ABC 30 Fresno © 11/24/2016)
Neighbors living near Fresno State received a red alert Wednesday. Warning them about a suspicious man prowling the neighborhood. ... e/1623460/

Fresno State poetry graduate student killed in crash on Highway 99
(Clovis Independent © 11/23/2016)
A Fresno State graduate student and teaching associate was identified Tuesday as the driver killed Sunday night in a two-car wreck on Highway 99 in downtown Fresno. ... 33663.html

CSU chancellor announces he will not help federal government deport any undocumented students
(KFSN ABC 30 Fresno © 11/23/2016)
Fresno State officials estimate there are more than 600 undocumented students on campus. As the country readies for a Donald Trump presidency Chicano Studies professor Dr. Cristina Herrera said some students have been concerned that Trump's campaign rhetoric about building a wall at the Mexican border could threaten their lives here in the United States. ... s/1621151/
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