Media Clips 3.1.2016

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Media Clips 3.1.2016

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

(California Ag Today © 03/01/2016)
Students serving as Ag Ambassadors for the Fresno State Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology represented the school at the 2016 World Ag Expo. Steve Rocca, associate professor of agriculture education at California State University, Fresno said “It’s a group of about 80 student ag ambassadors who attend events and are really an extension of the outreach and recruitment efforts by our College.” ... bassadors/

Colorful and cultural
( © 03/01/2016)
PG 9 - A retrospective exhibit, "Discovering Kristin Saleri" willbe at t the Fresno State's Henry Maden Library through May 31... ... index.html

Progressive schools stretch STEAM
(District Administration © 03/01/2016)
To give students more ownership of their education, teachers need to ask students more open-ended questions that don’t produce rote answers, says Lisa Nyberg, a former elementary school teacher who is now a professor in the department of curriculum and instruction at California State University, Fresno. ... etch-steam

North Fork casino in Madera getting closer to approval
(Clovis Independent © 02/29/2016)
"It allows voters to express their opinion on the issue, but it isn't terribly unusual that in the end it's just kind of a nonbinding kind of statement,"said Kenneth Hansen, a Fresno State professor and coauthor of "New Politics of Indian Gaming." ... 36772.html

Queen of heARTS: The Center for Creativity and the Arts at Fresno State has crowned Dr. Cindy Urrutia as the new coordinator
(Clovis Independent © 02/29/2016)
Dr. Cindy Urrutia has been named the new coordinator of the Center for Creativity and the Arts at Fresno State. Since being founded in 2011, CCA has served as an intellectual and imaginative space for the community to engage with the arts â€" an outlet of expression that includes poetry, music, theater, photography, drawing, painting and film. ... 80212.html

Fresno State Leaders Reach Out to Youth at Churches
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 02/29/2016)
Fresno State University leaders took to pulpits Sunday morning, preaching the promise of higher education at local African-American churches. The effort is part of the Super Sunday Campaign, designed to get black youth to attend state colleges and universities in California. ... t-churches

Fresno Family Counseling Center
(KSEE 24 News (Fresno) © 02/29/2016)
Putting mental health in the forefront is what the Fresno State Family Counseling Center is all about. ... ing-center

David Zoldoske
(The Business Journal © 02/29/2016)
Center for Irrigation Technology, California State University, Fresno ... dosske.pdf

AgVentures! Learning Center given donation
(The Porterville Recorder © 02/29/2016)
According to their website, the “California Ag Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation committed to leadership training and transformational learning experiences in partnership with four California universities: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; Cal Poly, Pomona; California State University, Fresno; and the University of California, Davis.” The California Ag Leadership Foundation regional alumni raise funds at the annual breakfast, and set aside gifts to AgVentures! each year. ... ebe2c.html
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