Media Clips 8.22.12

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Media Clips 8.22.12

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These media clips are provided by the Office of University Communications at California State University, Fresno. They are intended for the internal use of California State University, Fresno and should not be redistributed. If you want to print a story, do so now before the link expires. Questions and submissions may be sent to

Welty has been a real leader
(Fresno Bee © 08/22/2012)
The comments from insiders on Fresno State President John Welty seem to differ markedly from those made by outsiders. Perhaps that is the distinction. Those who have shared a cup of coffee with him know how compassionate, concerned and hardworking he is. Those who only read about him, understandably, might have a different opinion.

Fresno State Football Holding Tryouts
(KMPH © 08/21/2012)
Fresno State football has an invitation for all the Monday morning quarterbacks out there.
Actually, it's more like a challenge. Come out to the practice field next Monday evening and show your stuff.

Education performance data raises questions for 2012 debates
(NBC Politics© 08/22/2012)
FYI- Obama said in his speech at Capital University in Columbus, “Putting a college education within reach for working families just doesn’t seem to be a big priority for my opponent.”

College Cost Burden Is Shifting To Families, Treasury Department Says
(Huffington Post © 08/22/2012)
FYI - Due to government cuts to higher education, public colleges have doubled their reliance on tuition dollars since the late 1980s, Eberly told the WSJ. In turn, college tuition has risen three times more quickly than inflation since 1983, according to a recent study by Bain & Co.

New GIS Education Options for Fall 2012
(Directions Magazine © 08/22/2012)
]California State University, Fresno's Division of Continuing and Global Education offers a new online 12 credit certificate of advanced study in GIS. A Professional Science Master's in Water Resource Management is in development and shares one course with the certificate.

Foundation Releases New Report: CSU Bookstores Fail to Disclose Over $2 Million Dollars in Textbook Savings to their Students
(Heraldonline© 08/22/2012)
The courses in the report resulted in savings ranging from $90 to $225 per textbook. With various case studies outlined in the report, the Foundation points to some examples such as California State University, Northridge, where specific courses in Math, Economics, Business, and Astronomy revealed savings of over $200 per textbook, providing students up to 95% savings. At Central Valley schools such as [Fresno State] and CSU Bakersfield students saved up to $175 per book

MONEY TREE: More Calif. Colleges Contract with Debit-Card Firm Criticized for Fees
(Community College Week © 08/22/2012)
Nearly half of the state’s community colleges and a handful of other higher-education institutions now disburse financial aid on debit cards through contracts with Higher One, a financial firm that has come under increasing scrutiny for its multiple fees and aggressive marketing tactics, as well as out of concerns for students’ privacy. At least 52 California Community Colleges use the company, from Imperial Valley College to Shasta College. [Fresno State] also contracts with the company.

Cal State Goes Online, Slowly
(Inside Higher Education © 08/22/2012)
John Welty, president of California State University at Fresno and chair of Cal State Online's board, agreed Tuesday that "our thorough and deliberative process has paid off" in easing concerns about the online effort. "There's a sense that we've thought through a number of the issues, and there are a number of champions on the faculty who believe this can work."Pearson. The 23 campuses in the system have offered virtual courses for years, but unlike numerous other public university systems in the country -- see Penn State World Campus and UMass Online -- Cal State has been slow to coordinate those offerings in a centralized way.

Editorial: Bring state students back to CSU system
(Monterey County Herald © 08/22/2012)
Eliminating some sports program isn't the worst idea around. Think how much it costs when Fresno State plays football at San Diego and each second-string lineman and all 20 cheerleaders need hotel rooms, and so do the tuba players and towel managers. Consolidation is big in private industry. Couldn't some general education courses at community colleges be combined with lower division courses at four-year schools. Long Beach City College isn't all that far from Long Beach State. Same with Sacramento City and Sacramento State, San Francisco City and San Francisco State. This list goes on.

Bethany Clough: Fresno State Levine wine is liquid poetry
(Fresno Bee © 08/21/2012)
Starting this weekend, you can buy a bottle of Fresno State wine honoring 2011 U.S. Poet Laureate Philip Levine. The special-edition wine -- only 400 cases were made -- will be on sale at Fresno State's Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market starting Sunday. Levine taught literature and creative writing at Fresno State for 34 years. The current dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Vida Samiian, suggested the commemorative wine.
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