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Leon S. Peters Ethics Lecture Series
Fall 2012

“Social Science and the Same Sex Marriage Debate”
Darren Sherkat, Professor of Sociology
Southern Illinois University
Wed. Sept. 26, 5-6 PM, Alice Peters Auditorium (UBC)

Controversy erupted in the summer of 2012 over a study by Mark Regnerus that claimed to show that there were difficulties for children of same-sex couples. Darren Sherkat was asked to present an independent evaluation of the review process of Regnerus’ study. He will share his conclusions and consider ethical issues that come out of politically charged social science research.

Darren Sherkat has published dozens of articles, with a special focus on the sociology of religion. His two new books are: Religious Change in America and Religion and Inequality.

“Body of War”
A Film and Discussion
Thur. Oct. 4, 6-8 PM, Peters Ed Center (Rec Center)

This award winning 2007 film is co-directed by Phil Donohue with original music by Eddie Vedder. It follows Tomas Young, 25 years old, who was paralyzed after serving in Iraq. It shows Tomas coming to terms with his disability and finding his own unique and passionate voice against the war.

Discussants will include Sudarshan Kapoor, members of local peace and veterans groups, and Fresno State students. This film and discussion are offered in conjunction with The Peace Alliance and Stop the Hate/Culture of Peace Week, in support of the Fresno State Peace and Conflict Studies program.

“From Rationality to (Substantial) Equality”
James Sterba, Professor of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
Fri. Oct. 12 3-4 PM, Alice Peters Auditorium (UBC)

James Sterba will argue that rational morality requires substantial equality. He argues against egoism and concludes that human beings have certain welfare rights. His conclusion points toward a revision of our understanding of inequality, implying that some of us ought to take pay cuts in the name of equality.

James Sterba publishes widely in the fields of ethics and social and political philosophy. He is former President of the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association and the North American Society for Social Philosophy. His newest book is From Rationality to Equality.

“Imagining Gender: Sex Difference Research in Evolutionary Psychology”
Letitia Meynell, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Dalhousie University
Wed. Nov. 28, 3-4 PM, Alice Peters Auditorium (UBC)

Feminists have objected to the determinism and essentialism that appears to be characteristic of evolutionary psychology, which purports to reveal men and women's “true” biological natures, thus supporting sexism. Meynell will review the objectionable character of evolutionary psychology and explain why this research continues despite the devastating criticisms it faces.

Letitia Meynell is the author of several articles on the philosophy of science. She is co-editor of two recent books: Thought Experiments in Philosophy, Science and the Arts and Embodiment and Agency.

Events are Free and Open to the Public; Contact Andrew Fiala: or Ethics Center’s website:
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