Library Webinar: Supporting Trans Students Aug 30th

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Library Webinar: Supporting Trans Students Aug 30th

Postby ciwathen » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:51 am

Webinar: Supporting Trans Students and Complying with Title IX for Faculty Members and Student Affairs Professionals
By: Genny Beemyn , Ph.D.

Duration: 90 minutes | Tuesday, August 30, 2016
10 a.m. in Library Room 3212

Learn Ways to Support Trans Students and Comply with Title IX Requirements

So much has been done to benefit the LGBT community in the U.S. However, the discrimination never stops. National surveys have found around 75% of trans youth feel unsafe at schools, miss schools because of safety concerns and secure significantly lower GPAs.

But, is it all hostility from peers that threatens equal opportunity? No. It has been often observed that college officials release policies and practices that are bound to single out these youths, by disrespecting their gender identity—sometimes even punishing them for expressing their identity.

Is your campus providing enough support to trans students under Title IX?

Join this webinar by expert speaker Genny Beemyn, Ph.D., to discuss the ways which will help institutions and individuals compare their actions by understanding what trans students have to face. Learn how to create an inclusive climate for trans students, which will also help you be compliant with federal laws. This session will prove valuable to both student affairs staff and faculty at all kinds of institutions and professional levels. Get to know the appropriate terminologies, and understand the policies that are required to support trans students, and be complaint with federal law.

Session Highlights:

    Understand terminologies related to identity of transgender people, including terms used commonly by students.
    Learn the ways in which colleges fail to be in compliance with Title IX by:
    Not prohibiting institutional discrimination based on gender identity and expression;
    Not entitling trans people to have equal access to all campus programs, facilities and activities; and
    Not recognizing the right of trans people to be treated in accordance with their gender identity.
    Know how staff can make changes, particularly to housing, restrooms and locker rooms, fraternities and sororities, intramural sports, records and documents, and procedures to address sexual assault and harassment, to be in compliance with Title IX.
    Learn how faculty members can make changes, particularly in the areas of names and gendered forms of address, restroom access, and sexual harassment processes, to be in compliance with Title IX.
    Find resources on the experiences and needs of trans college students.
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