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Designated Smoking Areas

Postby lisak » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:55 pm

Designated Smoking Areas - Total of 22

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (EHS/RM) completed a review of all existing smoking locations with the participation and assistance of a student representative of Project Impact (an anti-smoking advocacy group affiliated with the American Lung Association), and a campus staff member who happens to be a smoker. The goal was to ensure that each of the locations did not feature an unsafe or inappropriate proximity to:

- Pedestrian gathering areas
- Essential pathways (such as sidewalks, stairwells)
- Sensitive locations (such as child care areas/drop off points)

The McLane Hall West side location was eliminated due to an unsafe and inappropriate proximity to pedestrian gathering areas and essential pathways (sidewalks and stairwell). A suitable replacement in the heart of campus was not available. A no smoking sign has been installed along with a brochure box containing maps detailing the remaining 22 designated smoking locations.

If you have any questions about the review results or the campus smoking policy, please contact Lisa Kao, Manager of EHS/RM at 278-6910 or
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