Landscape Improvements on Barstow Ave.

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Landscape Improvements on Barstow Ave.

Postby lpardi » Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:31 am

Sidewalk repairs and new tree plantings along Barstow Avenue will update the current landscape and enhance the roadway. The sidewalk just north of the softball stadium is scheduled to be repaired. We’ll also replace the Hackberry and Modesto ash trees in this area with the Keith Davey Chinese Pistache variety whose root system will not lift the walkway.

The Modesto Ash trees in front of the Police Department have been removed, Chinese Pistache trees were planted in between the existing trees two years ago, and those further east that were destroyed in a storm.

The Chinese Pistache trees selected for the Barstow Avenue landscape produce vibrant colors in the fall, a great amount of shade in the summer and their root systems are narrow, which protects parking lots and sidewalks around them.

For any questions please contact Facilities Management 8-2373
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