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Reminder - Electronic Open University Registration

Postby rdstatham » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:41 am

Dear Faculty and Staff:

This is a reminder about the announcement made in the Spring semester regarding the updated student registration process for Open University, beginning this Fall 2012 semester. Open University is the program in which non-matriculated students may enroll in regular stateside, non-CGE courses. In order to register, students must secure instructor (or departmental) approval. In the past, this approval has taken two forms: either a permission number was provided to the student (the same permission numbers departments provide to instructors each semester), or the student obtained the instructor’s signature on a paper registration form. Beginning this semester, students must register online utilizing permission numbers as the option to obtain the instructor’s signature via a paper registration form has been eliminated.

This change in Open University registration was made for two reasons. First and foremost, it is difficult and often not possible for our staff to authenticate instructor signatures used for class enrollment permission. Secondly, utilizing permission numbers provides greater control to departments who choose to authorize enrollment from a centralized location (such as through a Chair or a Department Administrative Assistant). This change provides better management of the authorization process and prevents forged instructor signatures.

Please note that the permission numbers provided to students to enroll in Open University are the same permission numbers generated in the past that allow students to enroll in a closed course. We recognize that in very rare cases departments may not be able to use permission numbers. Departments that encounter this situation should contact Ms. Monica Acosta at or 278-0415. We most certainly will accommodate exceptions.

We sincerely hope that this change will not affect instructors' willingness to allow enrollment of Open University students. Open University is a key vehicle for our University's open access to the community, which is a fundamental mission of the CSU.

Questions or concerns relating to this change can be directed to Dr. Scott Moore at 278-3010 or

Thank you.


Russel D. Statham, M.B.A.
Manager of Administration and Global Operations

California State University, Fresno
Division of Continuing and Global Education
5005 North Maple Avenue, M/S ED76
Fresno, California 93740-8025
Phone: 559.278.0333 / Fax: 559.278.0395
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