Search for Faculty Athletics Representative

Search for Faculty Athletics Representative

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December 19, 2013

To: Members of the Faculty

From: Joseph I. Castro, Ph.D., M.P.P.

Subject: Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR)

As you may know, every university participating in the NCAA has a faculty athletics representative (FAR) who serves as one of five official representatives to the NCAA. Currently, Drs. David Schecter and Dawn Lewis serve as Co-FARs for our institution. Dr. David Schecter has resigned from this position effective the end of the academic year.

I am beginning the search for his replacement. This search is open to tenured faculty members. The the FAR job description along with the time requirements and the benefits of this position are noted below

If you are interested in applying, please submit a letter of interest and current vitae to the attention of Michelle Nelson in my office no later than 5 p.m., January 17, 2014 ( The letter should be as brief as possible and address the qualifications listed in the job description. I will ask a screening committee to review letters of interest and recommend finalists. The finalists will be reviewed by the Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, the Director of Athletics, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, the chair of the Athletics Advisory Council, the incumbent co-FAR and me.


Faculty Athletics Representative

Job Description


Every NCAA member institution designates an individual to serve as Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). The FAR is appointed by, reports to, and serves at the pleasure of the President. The duties of the FAR are established by the institution, however at the least this person is designated as one of five persons on the campus who officially represent the institution to the NCAA. The FAR must be a faculty member or an administrator holding faculty rank and tenure. The FAR may not hold an administrative or coaching position in the department of athletics.


The person selected for this position should have

An understanding and appreciation for NCAA Division I athletics and the associated challenges faced by student-athletes and staff members.
A commitment to detail, follow-through and timeliness
The ability to communicate and work with various constituencies within the athletics department and on campus.
The ability to assimilate and interpret complex rules in conjunction with campus personnel, the athletics compliance services and student-athlete services staffs, in counsel with the conference and the NCAA
A willingness to devote time between terms and during the summer, related mainly to establishing the eligibility status of student-athletes.
Familiarity with computer database systems, Peoplesoft and DARS.
A willingness to attend MWC Council meetings and NCAA Regional Rules Seminar.


1. General oversight. The FAR is responsible for monitoring the functional performance of the athletics program as it relates to academics, rules compliance and student-athlete welfare. The day-to-day activities of the program are under the direction of the Director of Athletics and his staff. The FAR acts in a broader capacity, ensuring that the program remains in adherence to the policies of the athletics program, institution, conference, and NCAA. He/she is aided in this process by the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, the compliance services and the student-athlete services staffs within athletics and members of the enrollment services staff within the student affairs division.

2. The FAR shares responsibility for ensuring that violations of conference and NCAA regulations are reported to the President, as well as sharing concerns with regard to policy compliance with the President.

3. Student-athlete (SA) academic eligibility. The FAR is specifically charged with certifying the academic eligibility of all student-athletes. There are instruments of measurements such as Graduation Rates, Graduation Success Rates and Academic Progress Rates that are derived from the retention, eligibility and academic status of the student-athletes.

Fresno State has approximately 450 student-athletes, each of whom must maintain academic eligibility in order to represent Fresno State in competition. The eligibility requirements for continuing student-athletes include:

  • completion of a prescribed number of degree units each term and each academic year;
  • the maintenance of a prescribed minimum GPA;
  • the completion of a fixed percentage of units towards the declared degree prior to each academic year.

NCAA eligibility status for incoming freshman requires confirmation of the certification by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

While others perform the day-to-day tasks needed to maintain the necessary records, the coordination and final review of eligibility criteria is done in conjunction with the FAR who serves as the certifying officer.

We have highly competent personnel who work with the FAR:

  • student-athlete services personnel within athletics advise (in conjunction with

    campus) and monitor the SA’s academic performance.
  • campus evaluations personnel provide degree credit information for Progress

    Toward-Degree percentages and articulate transfer credits.
  • athletics admission coordinator (AAC) maintains the records needed for certification. This person with direction from the FAR works closely with the evaluations office and student-athlete services staff to assure complete, accurate and timely assessment of student-athlete academic information.
  • compliance services personnel within athletics provide interpretive advice on conference and NCAA rules as well as serve as a conduit to the NCAA eligibility center.

The institution, conference and NCAA rules that must be enforced are complex, constantly changing and often include timelines. It is important that all areas assessing and inputting data are well-versed in the rules, are detail oriented and communicate well with each other.

4. The FAR provides input and signature for a number of appeals which may be filed with the NCAA or the Conference on behalf of student-athletes. These include initial-eligibility waivers, various progress toward degree waivers, 6th year eligibility appeals, medical hardship waivers and medical non-counter waivers. The processing of these occurs throughout the year, with preparation by either Compliance or Student-Athlete Services staff members.

5. Term of Service. The new FAR will be appointed for a three-year term with the opportunity for reappointment.

6. Service on committees. The FAR is designated by position to be a member of several committees and boards and may be asked to serve in additional capacities within those bodies. Assignments for the current FAR include:

  • Mountain West Conference Council
  • Member of Special Admissions Committee
  • Fresno State Athletic Corporation Board
  • Member of the Executive Committee
  • Athletics Advisory Council as well as Subcommittee assignments for Academics and Compliance and Governance
  • Student-Athlete Conduct Committee

7. General time requirements. There are several periods throughout the year when more time is required.


  • June is usually the time to certify a majority of the continuing student-athletes (300). This process is completed before the start of second summer session.

  • Around August 1 the status of all new student-athletes is reviewed.
  • All continuing student-athletes not certified in early summer must be certified prior to their first competition or the first date of classes whichever is earlier. Additionally, summer and transfer courses are added to the files of continuing student-athletes.


  • The NCAA requires that any student-athlete that competes in a championship or bowl held between terms or after the end of a term must be certified based on the successful completion of at least six degree-credits the previous term. The FAR is responsible for certifying the academic eligibility of the team with all grades available up to the evening prior to the contest.
  • All student-athletes require certification after the fall term for at least completion of six degree-credits as well as a qualifying GPA. Therefore a review of degree credits from the term is important. With the advent of the APR calculation mid-year certification became necessary even if a team does not compete in the next term. Further, student-athletes who are not eligible in the fall can regain their eligibility at the end of the fall semester. Midyear certification is accomplished prior to the start of the next term.

Mountain West Conference Meetings (Fall and Spring)

NCAA Regional Rules Seminar (Spring)

8. Compensation and Benefits

  • The FAR receives one-quarter release time from the university each semester and one month of salary in the summer.
  • The FAR receives two tickets and one all-access pass to all athletic events.
  • The FAR is part of the official travel party for:

    • One road football game (FAR and guest)
    • The MWC and other basketball post-season tournaments
    • Bowl games (FAR and guest)
  • If teams win major championships the FAR often receives championship memorabilia.
  • There are opportunities to interact with other FARs at conference meetings, NCAA Regional Rules Seminars and through national organizations.

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