Presidents Reflections June18-24, 2012

Presidents Reflections June18-24, 2012

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June 18-24, 2012

Much of this week was spent out of town at various meetings. As the week wore on, there appears to have been some agreements reached allowing for the 2012-13 budget to be finalized. Several trailer bills will form the real substance of the budget. We await clarity on a number of these bills.

I was pleased to see that National Geographic recognized the work of Fresno State, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Michigan State for forward-thinking work in the areas of water technology, water access, and water management. In particular, the article highlights the development of the International Center for Water Technology, the Water and Energy Technology Incubator, and the cohort hiring underway in the area of water. We are in very good company.


My meetings and activities included:

  • Cabinet at which items discussed included the 2011-13 budget and enrollment, the agenda for our Cabinet planning retreat, chargebacks, and several other issues.
  • Professor Tim Stearns and prospective candidate for the technology commercialization position in the Lyles Center.
  • New chair of Military Science, Lieutenant Colonel Lorenzo Rios. He is a wonderful addition to our campus.
  • Vice-President Cynthia Teniente-Matson to discuss a couple of Administrative Services issues.
  • Drove to Oakland to attend meetings of the California Healthcare Foundation Board (CHCF).
  • Audit committee meeting of CHCF.
  • Joined CHCF Board for dinner.


  • Continued meetings of the CHCF Board.
  • Drove to San Jose.
  • Dinner meeting with Chancellor Charles Reed and members of the Executive Council.


  • California State University Executive Council retreat. The meeting primarily focused on budget planning for 2012-13 and 2013-14. A good deal of time was spent reviewing suggestions that emerged from two CSU Budget Committee meetings, which were open to all CSU constituencies. In particular, we focused on alternatives should the Governor's proposed initiative to increase taxes fails in November. The alternatives are painful and will require sacrifices from everyone.
  • Wednesday evening, we honored presidents Robert Corrigan, Al Karnig and William Eisenhardt.


  • Completed Executive Council retreat with discussion on shared services technology and legislative issues.
  • At 1:30 p.m. I convened a meeting of the Cal State Online Board. The primary agenda item was to select a vendor to work with us to provide student enrollment services, a learning management system, and several other services. We had excellent proposals, and the Board has made an outstanding recommendation. Work will proceed to negotiate a final contract. In addition, the Board began a discussion on tuition models for undergraduate programs
  • On Thursday evening I drove to Carmel where Sharon and I spent a couple of days.
We joined one of our alums and major supporters for dinner on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, I drove to San Francisco to fly to Washington, D.C. I arrived in Washington around 11 p.m.

It is time for a new week.
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