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University Dance Theatre (Dance 115) strives to provide talented students from all sectors of the California State University Fresno community with a personally supportive and intellectually challenging dance-based environment as it creates, produces, rehearses, and performs four public dance performances near the end of each semester at the Lab School Theatre (LS 101).

Each student participates as a dancer, as well as in production. Additionally, each student has the opportunity to choreograph for the dance concert. The talented artists of this student production work together in creating all the content within the concert from choreography and costumes, to lighting design and sound. Within this collaborative atmosphere, students can express their distinct personalities through artistic expression.

This performing group has never failed in their ability to captivate audiences. Every semester has brought new and different ideas of what is dance and how it relates to the world around us. It is a course that engages a high level of collaboration, dialogue and discovery. Year after year the group continues to bring a rich dance tradition of creativity and community to California State University, Fresno.

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Spring 2021 UDT

Virtually Connected Key Art

Virtually Connected
Directed by Alyssa Garvin
Guest Choreographer: Shelby Guizar
Choreographers: Dana Cole, Cory Faamausili, Grace Gao, Fatima Rosas Flores, and Fabian Perez-Nuno

"Virtually Connected" is a video project that was built by Fresno State’s University Dance Theatre students. The project was self-filmed and edited due to the safety restraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. All rehearsals, communication, and production meetings were conducted virtually, creating a turnabout in incorporating the relevant-to-the-times dance for camera study. The performance breathes life into the age-old phrase, "the show must go on," as students overcame new obstacles and found yet again that restraints often breed creativity that wouldn’t have been explored without them.

Premiering April 30, 2021 at 7:30pm, streaming indefinitely. 
University Theatre YouTube Channel

"Virtually Connected" show program, click here.


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