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As of today, we are planning for students, faculty and staff to return to campus for the fall semester. However, because the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will make a final determination about the fall semester in the coming weeks, in close coordination with the CSU Chancellor’s Office and our sister campuses.

Spring 2020 Concert Schedule  

Upcoming Events




Keyboard Concert Series 2020

Keyboard Concert Series 2020

$ 160.00               General
$ 120.00               Seniors
$ 30.00                 Students

Season tickets may be purchased at the Music Department Office starting August 15 or by mailing a check to KEYBOARD CONCERTS, P.O. Box 14162, Fresno, CA 93650. 

Click here for more information about the keyboard concerts

For further information, please call 278-2337.


Large Ensembles






Student Recital



Concert Calendar and Tickets

Many of our patrons have enjoyed the opportunity to buy tickets online, and we are pleased to continue the option to print your own tickets (E-Ticket). You can purchase and print tickets from your own computer up through the starting time of the event. We hope you are pleased with this opportunity to avoid lines at the box office and guarantee your entry into events. You also have the option to select Will Call and pick up your tickets at the box office prior to the event.

To purchase concert tickets online, use the links below; available up to one hour prior to performance. Credit / Debit card only.

1 hour prior to performance. Cash, Check or Credit Card.
(processing fees added for credit card purchases)

Box office day sales no longer available.

Click on the categories to see the list of events
Click on the event to see details and ticket purchase option.

Event Locations

Click here to view a map of the Concert Hall and Wahlberg Recital Hall locations.

Visitor Parking

All vehicles parked on Fresno State campus are required to display a valid parking permit.

One day parking permits may be purchased with a credit/debit card from a Parking Permit Dispenser (cash not accepted).  

Parking Permit Dispenser Locations

Parking dispensers are located in various parking lots around the campus (see campus map).

Cost:  $5.00/day

Parking Meters

Parking meters are available for short term parking (see campus map).

Invited Guest Parking

If invited to campus, an office or department may provide you with a "coupon code" for daily parking at no charge.

Coupon Code

A "coupon code" is a six (6) digit number that will allow invited visitors to receive a daily parking permit at no charge from one of the 16 parking permit dispensers located throughout the campus (see campus map).

See the campus map for the Music Building location.

The map below shows the location of the Concert and Wahlberg Recital Hall within the Music Building. The designated parking area is highlighted blue on this map.

Campus Map

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