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Computer Labs

The East Wing of the Music Building houses three computer labs for use in connection with classes. Open lab hours are also scheduled each semester, and a lab monitor is on duty at all open hours to assist you. High quality laser printers are provided for use in any of the computer labs on campus at a charge of ten cents per page. Students may add printing costs to their University Student ID cards using any of the minimanager machines located around campus. There is one located between the elevators and men's bathroom on the first floor of the East Wing.

Room 232 is a lab for the School of Arts and Humanities; it has been provided with Macintosh computers, to which MIDI capabilities (including keyboards) have been added. The stations also have special music software used in some of the theory classes.

Room 234A is also a School of Arts and Humanities lab, provided with PCs.

Room 234B is exclusively for the use of the Music Department and is provided with the hardware and software needed to support composition, arranging, and music writing generally.

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Madden Library

Henry Madden Library, the main library, is located in the center of the campus. The largest academic library in the San Joaquin Valley, it holds close to one million volumes, to which thousands of new items are added each year. It is a thoroughly modern facility, using on-line catalogs and providing Internet and Web access, through which Fresno State is linked to libraries throughout the CSU and UC systems, as well as to the Library of Congress.

Madden Library also has an electronic classroom, where staff provide instruction in using the various electronic technologies employed in the library. Each semester the library offers several workshops in which students can get "hands-on" practice with the equipment, and learn how most effectively to use it in doing research for papers and projects.

Visit the library and help yourself to some of the information sheets available, or introduce yourself to one of the staff at the reference desk to get started in your exploration of this excellent campus library.

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The Ronald J. Harlan Music Library

The Music and Media Library is located on the third floor of Madden Library. The Ronald J. Harlan Music Collection includes some 80,000 scores and recordings.

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