Name Email Role/Specialty Area Office Location Fall 2018 Office Hours
Dr. Adán Avalos adán@csufresno.edu Digital Media Arts Speech Arts 140D  By Appointment
Jim Boren jboren@csufresno.edu Journalism McKee Fisk 235  By Appointment
Tim Buchanan timb@csufresno.edu Media law McKee Fisk 240 By Appointment 
Marietta Dalpez madalpez@csufresno.edu  Lecturer, media and pop culture  Grosse Industrial Technology 232  By Appointment
Timothy Drachlis  drachlis@csufresno.edu Tatarian Faculty Chair, Journalism McKee Fisk 234 MW, 2-3:30
Jan Edwards jedwards@csufresno.edu  Advertising, public relations  McKee Fisk 231  By Appointment
Candace Egan candace@csufresno.edu  Multimedia, video production  Speech Arts 150  T, 1:15-4:15; F, 1-2
Dr. Bradley W. Hart brhart@csufresno.edu  Media writing  McKee Fisk 233  TTh, 1-3
Betsy Hays bhays@csufresno.edu  Department Chair McKee Fisk 238  TTh, 9:30-11:30
Dr. Carey Higgins-Dobney careyh@csufresno.edu Broadcast/multimedia journalism Speech Arts 140C M, 1-2; TTh, 9:15-10; T, 2-3:30 
Dr. Mary Husain mhusain@csufresno.edu  Pop culture, media criticism  Peters Business Bldg. 233  By Appointment
Dr. Kelley Campos McCoy kmccoy@csufresno.edu  Mass communication, qualitative research methods  McKee Fisk 233 By Appointment
Sara Montgomery smontgomerystolar@csufresno.edu Film appreciation McKee Fisk 240 By Appointment
Donald Munro dmunro@csufresno.edu Journalism McKee Fisk 240 By Appointment
Matt Otstot mattotstot@gmail.com  Broadcast journalism McKee Fisk 240 By Appointment
Dr. Tamyra Pierce tpierce@csufresno.edu  Research methods, Publication design Speech Arts 140H  MW, 10-12:30
Aaron Schuelke aaronsc@csufresno.edu Digital cinema McKee Fisk 230 M, 1-3; T, 2-4
Faith Sidlow fmsidlow@csufresno.edu  Broadcast/multimedia journalism Speech Arts 140 I  TTh 2-4 & by appointment
Kim Stephens    kstephens@csufresno.edu  Broadcast/multimedia journalism McKee Fisk 240 By Appointment
Jes Therkelsen jtherkelsen@csufresno.edu Multimedia, video production  Speech Arts 140A  By Appointment
Dr. Nancy Van Leuven nancyvanleuven@mail.fresnostate.edu  Advertising, public relations McKee Fisk 231 MW, 10-12; T, 9:45-10:45
Dr. Wes Wise weswise@mail.fresnostate.edu  Advertising, public relations  McKee Fisk 232  M, 9-11:30; T, 2-3


Name Email Role Office Location Phone
Vanessa Navarro vnavarro@mail.fresnostate.edu Department Administrative Coordinator McKee Fisk 236 559.278.5707
Kevin Fries kevinfries@mail.fresnostate.edu Finance Manager, The Collegian Speech Arts 169  559.278.5735 
Richard Marshall rmarshall@csufresno.edu General Manager, The Collegian Speech Arts 169 559.278.5735 

 Retired and Emeriti Faculty