Faculty and Staff

Name Email Role/Specialty Area Office Location
Brian Agbayani, ProfessorBrian Agbayani, Professor bagbayan@csufresno.edu
  • Syntactic theory
  • Comparative syntax
  • Syntax-phonology interface
PB 416 
Denise Bissett, Department Administrative Assistant denise_bissett@csufresno.edu Department Administrative Assistant PB 383

Niken Adisasmito-Smith, Lecturer

Niken Adisasmito-Smith, Lecturer

nadisasmito@csufresno.edu    PB 422
John Boyle, Associate ProfessorJohn Boyle jboyle@csufresno.edu
  • Syntactic Theory
  • Morphology
  • Typology
  • Morpho-syntax interface
  • Language documentation and revitalization
  • Language pedagogy
PB 417
Laura Burke, Lecturer laurab@csufresno.edu   PB 422 

Jidong Chen, Professor 

Jidong Chen, Professor

  • First and second language acquisition
  • Event construal and event representation
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Language and cognition
  • Chinese linguistics               
PB 421 
Jaydene Elvin, Assistant ProfessorJaydene  jaydene@mail.fresnostate.edu 

TESOL Coordinator

  • L2 speech acquisition
PB 414

Sean Fulop, Professor

Sean Fulop, Professor


Department Chair

Cognitive Science Coordinator

  • Acoustic phonetics
  • Speech processing theory and methods
  • Computational linguistics theory
  • Mathematics of language
  • Mathematics and computation of learning
  • Web manager         
PB 423 

Chris Golston, Professor

Chris Golston, Professor


Graduate Coordinator

  • Phonetics/phonology
  • Poetic meter
  • Morphology/syntax
  • Historical linguistics
  • Evolution of language
PB 424 
Katie Gorman kgorman@csufresno.edu   LS 130
Tomoko Kozasa, Lecturer tkozasa@csufresno.edu

Japanese Program Coordinator

PB 415 

Cho Ly, Lecturer 

cly@csufresno.edu    PB 412 

John Lyon, Assistant Professor

John Lyon, Assistant Professor

  • semantics
  • pragmatics
  • information structure
  • language documentation
  • language revitalization
PB 417

Victoria Malko, Lecturer


vmalko@csufresno.edu   PB 422
Vong Mouanoutoua vomouanoutoua@csufresno.edu   PB 412

Nasir Rashid, Lecturer

Nasir Rashid, Lecturer

nrashid@csufresno.edu    PB 422 
James Russell russell@mail.fresnostate.edu   PB 415
Kelly Schroeder, Lecturer  kschroeder@csufresno.edu    PB 412 
Miho Schweizer, Lecturer mschweizer@scufresno.edu    PB 415 
Chandra Shekar, Lecturer  chandras@csufresno.edu    IT 262 

Michael Shepherd, Assistant Professor 


  • Sociolinguistics
  • Discourse analysis
PB 411 

John Simonian, Teaching Assistant


john@mail.fresnostate.edu    PB 415

Negin Tahvildary, Lecturer 

Negin Tahvildary, Lecturer

negin@csufresno.edu    MB 112 

Xinchun Wang, Professor 

Jean books


Chinese Program Coordinator

  • Applied phonetics/experimental phonetics
  • Cross-linguistic speech perception and production
  • TESOL theory and methodology
  • Computer-assisted language learning (CALL)
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Chinese language instruction
PB 413 

Kao-Ly Yang, Lecturer 

Kao-Ly Yang, Lecturer


 Hmong Coordinator

PB 412 
Xinping Yu, Lecturer  xinpingyu@csufresno.edu    PB 418 

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus status is an honorary title awarded for distinguished service to the academic community. The President may bestow the title on a tenured faculty member or on an administrator who is entering permanent retirement and who has served the University with distinction. Bestowal of emeritus status is a distinctive honor, and emeriti faculty are regarded as an important and integral part of the university community.

* Denotes deceased

Barbara Birch

  • English as a second language reading 
  • English grammar
  • Language attitude
  • Peace education
  • Email - Barbara Birch

Frederick H. Brengelman* (1957-1994) 

Edward Gammon (1966-1987) 


George Raney* 

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Applied English Linguistics

Jerry Hopkins (1964-1979)


Ritva Laury (1994-2007)

  • Discourse analysis
  • Functional syntax
  • Pragmatics
  • Language change
  • Finnish linguistics 

Ellen Lipp

  • L2 reading and writing
  • TESL methodology
  • TESL materials development
  • Ellen Lipp Email

Gerald R. McMenamin (1980-2009) 

  • Analysis of linguistic variation
  • Stylistics
  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Email Gerald McMenamin

Karen Mistry

  • Language acquisition (first and second language and gender)
  • Applied linguistics (teaching of English grammar, spelling and reading)
  • Historical Linguistics (sub-Saharan languages especially southern African languages)
  • History of English
  • Email - Karen Mistry

P. J. Mistry (1969-2004)*

  • Syntax
  • Indic Linguistics
  • Sanskrit 

Shigeko Okamoto (1998-2007)

  • Sociolinguistics
  • Japanese linguistics
  • Discourse analysis 

Vida Samiian (1984-2017)

Raymond S. Weitzman (1968-2001)* 

  •  Phonetics

Jack B. Zeldis (1969-2001)

  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Syntax
  • Historical linguistics
  • Hebrew and Semitic linguistics