Department of Communication Office

Dept. of Communication
Department Chair Department Administrative Assistant

Kevin J. Macy-Ayotte, Ph.D.


Marian Bankston


Academic Advisor
Graduate Coordinator Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Shane Moreman, Ph.D.
Speech Arts 5

Devendra Sharma, Ph.D.
Science II, #279



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Kathy L. Adams, Ph.D. | Professor
Clare Anzoleaga
Elise Barba
Nick Barrett
Jim Bartram
Diane M. Blair, Ph.D. | Professor
Kati Boenisch
Tom Boroujeni
Barri Brennan
Shimeka Conway
Linda Carvalho Cooley, Ed.D
Natalie Cavallero
Brian Cozen, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor
Harjit Dosanjh
Eric Fletcher
Douglas Fraleigh, J.D. | Professor
Gabriela Gomez
LaDonna Hayes
Mary Husain, Ph.D.
Hillary A. Jones, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
Sergio F. Juárez, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor
Falon Kartch, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
Valentine Kovtun
Greg Lankenau, Ph.D.
Marcie Lierly
Robert B. Lull, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor
Kevin J. Macy-Ayotte, Ph.D. | Professor
Amin Makkawy, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor
Amanda Mason
Yanavey Mccloskey
Shane Moreman, Ph.D. | Professor
Christopher J. Moss
Angela Munoz
Dan Scott
Judith Scott
Devendra Sharma, Ph.D. | Professor
Courtney Sparrow
Amanda Stutsman
Michael Weatherson

Graduate Teaching Associates

Seth Allen
Adriana Cardenas
Kennedy Cash
Alejandra De Alba
Estefany Ferreyra
Isabella Flores
Lauryn Flores
Dion Foster
LaQuia Louisa
Aaron Lowe
Primavera Martinez
Macy Pereira