The Center for Creativity and the Arts is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 yearly theme: Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation

Native Communities of the Americas have a rich history and are integral to the regional, national and the cultural heritage of the Americas. And yet, Native Communities have often been underrepresented, repressed and regarded as “romantic types” traversing a liminal state between the past and present.

This year’s theme Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation is an invitation to dispel outdated stereotypes, while at the same time celebrate the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Native Communities in the Central Valley of California, the United States and Mesoamerica. This year’s programming also seeks to bring greater awareness and appreciation for contemporary Native art, history and culture. Recognizing that while many artists are influenced by specific histories and traditions, they also have a global perspective and are part of an international dialog on hybridity, cultural diversity and creativity.