2016-2017: Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation

The Center for Creativity and the Arts is pleased to announce the 2016-2017 yearly theme: Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation. Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation celebrates the rich artistry of Native peoples of California, North America, as well as the indigenous Mexican diaspora of California's Central Valley.

Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation is a broad theme that recognizes the diversity and complexity of Native peoples, as well as the impossibility of representing multiple cultures under a single classification. For that reason, Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation is not about representation. Instead, Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation seeks to create conversations that highlight certain aspects of Native people's arts, and to show the beauty, fluidity and richness of Native artists.

There is a renaissance currently manifesting around contemporary Native arts. Many of today's leading contemporary Native artists are consciously challenging stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and ascribed popular notions of what constitutes Native arts. They also remind us that while Native peoples are influenced by specific histories and traditions, they also have a global perspective and are part of an international dialog on hybridity, cultural diversity and creativity. This is the message that nationally and internationally recognized visiting arts to Fresno State Merritt Johnson (Mohawk & Blackfoot) and Cannupa Hanska Luger (Lakota) seek to convey in their art works.

In addition to national and international artist, CCA will highlight local artist during the year.

Please click the link here for our press release on this year's theme: "Native Communities: Tradition & Innovation"

elotes con sangre

In conjunction with our exhibition, "Elotes con Sangre, the Journey Home, Photographs and Nierikas of the Land of the Wixaritari,First Peoples, the Huichol Nation of Mexico. 1970," CCA was delighted to be able to produce a catalog for this beautiful show. For more about our "Elotes con Sangre" show catalog and how to purchase click the link below.

Elotes con Sangre, the Journey Home, Photographs and 'Nierikas' (yarn paintings) of the Land of the Wixáritari, First Peoples, The Huichol Nation of Mexico, 1970