mascotWhy Bulldogs? 

Fresno State's love for bulldogs began in 1921 when students were greeted by a white bulldog every lunch hour. Adoration for the bodacious bulldog grew, and students began bringing it to sporting events. A newspaper took note and started referring to Fresno State as "The Bulldogs"... and the rest is history! 




The Live Mascot Program

Victor E. Bulldog


In 2006, Fresno State's first official four-legged mascot entered the scene! A contest was held to find a bulldog ambassador to share smiles with the Red Wave at athletic events. Out of 90 contestants, a bulldog named Norman became the first Victor E. Bulldog! "From the first day Victor E. became our mascot, he won the hearts of all," Senior Associate Athletics Director Paul Ladwig said. "There was never a day he did not come to an event and take over and represent Fresno State with class and true Bulldog flavor." Victor E. Bulldog passed away on Aug. 10, 2012.


Victor E. Bulldog II

veb 2

Victor E. Bulldog II enjoyed the roar of the Red Wave as he was introduced at Bulldog Stadium on Sept. 15, 2012. He regularly attended football games and made appearances during halftime, spurring excitement from his adoring fans.

As an ambassador of Bulldog Spirit, our furry friend expanded the Live Mascot Program's reach by visiting important university events and on-campus celebrations. Victor E. Bulldog II passed away on March 12, 2015.


Victor E. Bulldog III

veb 3

In June 2015, Fresno State welcomed Victor E. Bulldog III, whose purchase was made possible by a generous donor. Victor E. Bulldog III is cared for and owned by the Fresno State Alumni Association (FSAA).

Victor E. loves peanut butter, squeaky toys, and meeting new people. He's been known to chase Fresno State squirrels by his favorite spot on campus, the fountain. Whether he's cheering on the Red Wave at athletic events or giving our scholarly students a pup talk, Victor E. LOVES his job!


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