Back in the saddle, now as a coach
Caitlin Marshall
Back in the saddle, now as a coach
On the wall of her parent's office hung a vibrant, blue matted poster of a famous jumping horse and its rider caught mid-leap. Although its colors have faded over the years, its inspirational essence still radiates as it hangs on the wall of a new office in Fresno State's Student Horse Center, whose door reads "Caitlin Marshall (2011), Assistant Hunt Seat Coach."
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UCLA Tailgate
Hannah Moss, Mechanical Engineer
"You should really consider engineering"
It was her senior year of high school, and Hannah Moss (2014) had already accepted admission to Fresno State as a business major. She loved math and thought accounting might be her calling, until her physics teacher changed her mind. As he passed back a test, she noticed hers had a message at the top: "You should really consider engineering."
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Ken Miknuk, Falconer
Seeing past the setback, an engineer turned falconer
Ken Miknuk (1980's) spent most days of his childhood outdoors, hiking with his best friend Jeff. "…One day Jeff said, 'Hey there's a guy who has a hawk in his backyard and he lets it go and it comes back.' And I told Jeff he was full of [it.] So we walked down to the guy's house… and he explained what falconry is and it was just something that had to be."
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Jonathon Cowen
Jonathan Cowen helps bring the Staples Center to life
When Jonathan Cowen came to Fresno State from Napa, California, he wasn’t sure where the world would take him. Little did he know his path would lead him to become the event manager for the Staples Center – one of the most electrifying and well-known sports and entertainment venues in the entire world.
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Paul Pierce, Outstanding Alumnus
Meet Paul Pierce, 2017 Henry Madden Library Outstanding Alum
Paul Pierce moved to Fresno when he was just 3 months old, after his parents adopted him. And while he tried to escape a couple of times, he was always drawn back: one of the original boomerangs.
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