Congratulations to our 2019 Top Dog Award Recipients

                                                                    Brian J. Panish (1980)
                                                                  Distinguished Alumnus 
Antonio Petrosino (1953)
Arthur Safstrom Service Award
Charles Sant'Agata (1957)
College of Arts and Humanities
Chris Pacheco (1985)
Department of Athletics
Jim Vagim (1985)
Craig School of Business
Eimear O'Farrell (1995, '06, '10) 
Kremen School of Education and Human Development
Barry W. Maas (1994)
Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Timothy Kotman (2007, '10)
Division of Graduate Studies
Cher Teng Bee Yang (1994, '96)
College of Health and Human Services 
Helder Domingos (1980)
Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
Christopher Daniel Bencomo (1989)
College of Science and Mathematics
Jan L. Kahn (1969)
College of Social Sciences
Ken A. Meme (1986)
Lyles College of Engineering


The Legacy of Top Dog: Past award recipients