Jacquelyn Glasener (MA '02)

          Executive Director 
          Phone: 559.278.5331  

Patricia O'Connor

          Director of Annual Giving
          Phone: 559.278.7392

Peter Robertson (BA '92, MA '95, MBA '05)

          Director of Alumni Connections 
          Phone: 559.278.4669

Ramsey Jay, Jr. (BS '00)

          Regional Director of Alumni Engagement

Laura Alcantar (BA '09)

          Finance and Operations Manager
          Phone: 559.278.5046

Gina De Young (BA '19)

          Live Mascot Program Coordinator
          Phone: 559.278.4676

Amanda Hall (BS '13)

          Digital Fundraising Specialist
          Phone: 559.278.0400 

Donna Moreno

          Administrative Assistant, Engagement
          Phone: 559.278.1116 

Josie Tarvin (BA '17)

          Administrative Analyst, Annual Giving
          Phone: 559.278.1867

Nicole Traverso (BA '05)

          Event Manager and Volunteer Specialist
          Phone: 559.278.5723 

Careen Wong-Stach (BA '14, MBA '17)

          Alumni Engagement Coordinator
          Phone: 559.278.8109 

Victor E. Bulldog III

          Fresno State's Live Mascot
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