Updating the Catalog

The Fresno State online catalog contains information from several difference sources. The following screen shots can help you determine where the information is coming from and the office or process that manages that information.

Degrees & Programs

The Degrees & Programs list is generated by PeopleSoft. You will need to go through the BizFlow process to make any curricular changes.

Degrees & Programs

Degree: Department Tab

Information under this tab is maintained by both the Catalog Office directly and in PeopleSoft. Changes to the content highlighted in blue need to be done via the BizFlow curricular change process. Changes to the content highlighted in green can be made by the Catalog Office.

Department Tab

Degree: Courses Tab

All information in the Courses Tab comes from PeopleSoft and can only be changed via the BizFlow curricular change process.

Courses Tab

Degree: Requirements Tab

Degree requirements information is manually maintained by the Catalog Office, but change requests must be made via the BizFlow process. Once approval is given, the Catalog Office will make the changes.

Degree Requirements Tab

Degree: Faculty Tab

Faculty information comes from PeopleSoft. This list includes part-time faculty. The degree information displayed is the highest known degree that is listed in PeopleSoft.

Please note: This information is not coming from the same source as the Campus Directory at directory.csufresno.edu. The Campus Directory is not coming from PeopleSoft and does not list part-time faculty, therefore it is not a complete list of faculty and is less useful for students.

Faculty Tab

Degree: Roadmap Tab

Degree Roadmaps are maintained by the Scheduling Office. Not all degrees have a roadmap. If there is no roadmap, the tab will not display. If you would like to add a new roadmap, please contact the Scheduling Office.

Roadmaps Tab

Degrees: Careers Tab

The Careers information was formerly located under the Academics website "Area of Study Pages", informally referred to as "Degree Landing Pages". Although the location changed, the information is still maintained by the Provost's Office. If there is no career information, the tab is not displayed. If you would like to add career information, please contact Academic Affairs.

Careers Tab

General Education

General Education information is partly generated by PeopleSoft and partly maintained by the Catalog Office.

General Education Tab

Academic Calendar

The Registrar's Office maintains the Academic Calendar within 25Live and it is displayed here, as well as on the Campus Events Calendar. It is the same data source. Edits or additions must be made by the Registrar's Office.

Academic Calendar

Academic Regulations

All pages under the Regulations section are maintained by the Catalog Office. A great deal of this information is mandated by The California State University.

Academic Regulations