United States Postal Service Increase Postal Rates

Effective January 1999, the United States Postal Service will increase the postage for First Class letter mail from the current 32 cents to 33 cents for the first ounce. First class rates over one ounce will remain the same. Rates for "Standard A" mail will have the greatest increase jumping 3.1 cents from 13.8 cents to 16.9 cents for letter mail and "Standard A" flats will increase 3.2 cents from the 20.1 cents to 23.3 cents. Additionally, Priority Mail, flat rate envelopes, will increase from the current $3.00 to $3.20.

The increase for "Standard A" mail is significant and can have a serious impact on many departmental budgets. To help offset some of the rate increase for "Standard A" mail, departments which choose to automate their outbound mail will only be charged 15.9 cents per letter mail and 22.3 cents per flat size mail, a 1 cent per piece savings. Departments that currently use or plan to use Printing and Mail Services mail automation process (i.e., list conversion, addressing, bar coding, tabbing, sorting and bundling), per U.S.P.S. specifications, will also be included in this 1 cent per piece savings.

Because the campus does not receive any benefit from the U.S.P.S. for "Standard A", nonautomated mail, departments which continue to send this category of mail will have to fund the full 3.1 cent and 3.2 cent per piece rate increase. Additionally, departments that continue to present outbound "Standard A", non-automated mail for Mail Services to weigh, complete the required U.S.P.S. paperwork associated with the University's permit and submit the mailing to the Postal Service, will incur an additional cost increase of 1 cent per piece.

What we are saying is, when it comes to mail, automation pays! If we do not automate, we are basically giving taxpayer's money to the United States Postal Service rather than using it to support the education mission of the university.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact: Lenora Young, ext. 82941 (email: lenorat@csufresno.edu)