C.A.R.E. Team

Campus Assessment Response and Education Team

California State University, Fresno has always had practices in place to ensure a safe, comfortable learning and teaching environment. The university has maintained a practice of consulting with a team of campus professionals who have been available to assess situations, which may pose a threat to campus safety. These situations may involve students, faculty, staff and visitors. As a result of recent school tragedies, there have been an increasing number of requests from students, faculty and staff for assistance, in deciding how to proceed when a situation or person seems to pose some risk to campus safety.

The CARE team is a collaborative group of behavior management professionals within the campus community. The team is available to:

Identify persons*/situations of concern
Investigate persons*/situations of concern

Assess the information gathered and if necessary,
Manage persons*/situations to reduce risk 

Decision Tree

Campus Resources

Responding to Disruptions

Workplace Violence

Consult the CARE team whenever you have concerns about the behavior of a student, colleague or visitor that could affect campus safety.

*Faculty, staff, students or visitors