Organizational Development

Our work is focused on building organizational capacity, improving individuals and systems and fostering organizational excellence.  

We are committed to improving efficiencies, eliminating waste and administrative burden (e.g., long and arduous processes), and building capacities. In addition, we focus on strengthening organizational structures to support the improvement of campus morale.

The following Organizational Development programs reflect our dedication to a thriving and productive workplace, high functioning teams and the university's ability to initiate, manage and navigate change. 

The Bold Ideas Challenge engages the entire campus community in an ideation process in order to inspire conversations on innovation and improvement. The Challenge begins with an all-campus call from President Castro seeking ideas to improve services to students, teaching, and learning, or to simply fix an inefficient process. 

CAIFE (Creativity and Innovation for Effectiveness) is a unique program that couples project development with professional development in order to change the campus culture and boost innovation.  

Fresno State has a long history of continuous improvement initiatives using Lean and other Business Process Improvement methodologies. In 2020 we will launch a new round of improvement projects seeking to streamline ineffective processes and reduce administrative burden. 

We offer customized retreat planning and facilitation and team buidling workshops and programs to support high performing teams.  

We offer resources, tools, training opportunities and consultation services to support successful change across campus. Our team includes certified  ProsciĀ® change management practitioners.