Faculty and Staff Mentoring Programs

Note, in addition to your name and contact information, you will be prompted with the following questions:

  • Statement of interest (why you are interested in the program and what leadership skills you wish to develop.)  
  • What you are looking for in a mentor. 
  • Long term goals. 
  • Short term goals. 

Additionally, your supervisor/chair will be asked to submit an online approval supporting your application. (Not a letter, just an electronic approval.)  

Faculty and Staff Proteges selected will be notified by October 1.  

Mentor and protege discuss successes and challenges

As part of our commitment to leadership development for both academic and administrative personnel, Fresno State offers two mentor programs - one for faculty and one for staff. The offices of Organizational Excellence and Academic and Institutional Effectiveness collaborate to coordinate these programs.   

Both programs are designed to provide mentoring, coaching, encouragement, leadership and professional career development for Fresno State aspiring leaders.

The faculty mentor program pairs seasoned campus academic leaders with faculty. The faculty program is open to faculty at any level from any school or college at Fresno State who are interested in serving in a leadership role on campus or in the community. The faculty program runs concurrently with mentor programs that exist in many of our schools and colleges. This will be the second cohort of the faculty mentor program. 

The staff mentor program pairs campus administrators with staff from across the university. This is the sixth year of the staff mentor program and will build upon successes and learnings from previous cohorts. 

2019-20 Year at a Glance 




Application process

September 3

September 20

October 1

Invitation for applications

Application deadline

Faculty/Staff Cohort announced

Introductions & Pairings

October 9, 2:30-3:30pm

October 11, 10-11am

FACULTY Mentor/Protégé  Kick-Off and Orientation  

STAFF Mentor/Protégé Kickoff and Orientation

Introductions, goals and program overview
Mentor Matchmaking 

By COB October 14

Gather Feedback from Mentors/Protégé on top choices for pairings 

Week of October 15

Mentor & Protégé Pairings announced; 
Protégés contact Mentors 


October 21, 8-9:30am

Mentor and Protégé Breakfast and training (all participants)

Week of October 21

Mentors and Protégés begin monthly meetings on their own

December 5,
8 – 9:30am

Mentor Program Breakfast (all participants )

February 6,
8 – 9:30am

Mentor Breakfast (all participants)

April 2, 8 – 9:30am

Mentor Breakfast (all participants) 

May 6, 8 – 9:30am

Final celebration/debrief

Check out this brief video to learn more about the program. 

2019-20 Mentors: Coming Soon

We will post the list of the 2019-20  faculty and staff mentors as soon as it is finalized

Below is a list of past mentors. We are so grateful to each for sharing their time and talent to support this program. 

2018-19 Staff Mentors 
Erin Boele, Director, Student Housing;Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Brian Cotham, Director, Procurement
Marcy Gatzman, Manager of Police Support Operations, Public Safety
Jacquelyn Glasener, Executive Director, Alumni Association
Mike Garvey, Director Classroom Technologies, Operations and Networks
Andy Hoff, Retired Provost
Malisa Lee, Associate Vice President Enrollment Services
Orlando Leon, CIO
Tinnah Medina, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Jim Michael, Consultant
Sara Mitchel, Director of Planning, Design and Construction
Janell Morillo, Assistant Vice President Student Health Center
Francine Oputa, Director, Cross Cultural and Gender Center
Jamie Pontius Hogan, Director, Title IX and Clery Compliance
Diana Ralls, Chief of Staff
Kathleen Scott, Director Organizational Excellence
Collin Stewart, Associate Dean for Student Involvement
Derek Walters, Director, Student Recreation Center
Debbie Young, Director, Career Development Center


2018-19 Faculty Mentors 
Michelle DenBeste, Dean, College of Social Sciences
Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Dean,  College of Health & Human Services
Saul Jimenez-Sandoval, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
Mitzi Lowe, Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services
Jim Marshall,  Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Dennis Nef, Vice Provost
Ram Nunna, Dean, Lyles College of Engineering
Rudy Sanchez, Interim Associate Vice President
Sandra Witte, Dean, Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences

For more information please contact 278-5330.