Coming Soon - CHRS

CHRS Recruiting (Page Up) is a new software solution coming to Fresno State in early 2020. This is the first of several changes to our HR Information Systems and processes coming over the next few years – a system wide project known as Common Human Resource System (CHRS). 

Fresno State, along with Dominguez Hills, is part of Wave 2. Five other campuses launched the tool last spring/summer.

What will it do?

  • Replace existing PeopleSoft E-Recruit system for recruiting including faculty, staff, administrators and represented student TA/GA/ISA
  • Automate workflow and integrates with PeopleSoft HR system
  • Provides Dashboards and will improve the applicant experience 

Who is involved (Key roles)?  

  • Executive Sponsors – Debbie Adishian Astone, Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, Orlando Leon
  • Reinforcing Sponsors – Marylou Mendoza-Miller, Marsha Baum, Robert Guinn
  • Project Managers – Linda Brase and Diane Volpp
  • Change Management and Communications – Sue Shaw
  • Subject Matter Experts and Implementation - Most of the Human Resources and Faculty Affairs Staff

Who does this impact?

  • Anyone who performs any recruiting function or serves on a search committee
  • All Hiring Managers
  • Human Resources, Faculty Affairs, Technology Services


What you need to know:

Beginning late November both Human Resources and Faculty Affairs will consult with the Managers and Committees of both open searches and those about to open in order to determine the best solution as we move to the new system.

Training will be provided as we get closer to implementation.



This is CHRS!